Katy of Liverpool

Date: Sunday 21 January 2018
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Incall .
Price: £120
Description: Pretty, sexy, curvaceous 25yo who loves roleplay.

Katy’s incall place was easy to find with plenty of free parking. Joe had set up a role play booking and was pleased to see Katy was already in her schoolgirl outfit. He checked she was OK with the submissive roleplay before bending her over the bed and slapping her arse.

The naughty, submissive schoolgirl was not wearing any knickers. The temptation was too great for Joe who immediately started fingering her. “That is tight” noted Joe before slapping her arse some more. He licked her out. Katy’s reviews say her pussy tastes sweet and Joe concurred. Joe soon had her tits out and sucked on her nipples.

Katy undressed Joe and wanked him off. He played with her arse and tits. “Suck my nuts” said Joe making himself comfortable on the bed. Katy sorted out a condom (oral is with) and got to work. “You suck deep” gasped Joe, enjoying the blowjob. She soon upped her game making it a sloppy and fast blowjob. “You dirty little slut” said Joe making her repeat these words to him.

“Lose the top I want to take you from behind” said Joe jumping off the bed. Katy bent over and Joe entered her for the first time. “Ohhh that is tight” noted Joe. He paused for a minute before slamming her hard. Grabbing on to Katy’s hair he pushed her face down on to the bed calling her a dirty slut. He was enjoying this roleplay! He slapped her arse some more for good measure. Joe pushed Katy over and changed the position to mish. He banged her hard and she gasped with pleasure. You could tell she was enjoying this fuck as much as him.

“Time for you to get on top of me” said Joe. The submissive schoolgirl happily obliged. Katy started off grinding on his cock, before bouncing up and down on him. She is very good on top and Joe groaned with pleasure. In fact it was all a bit too much for him and he offered to lick her pussy again or he knew he would blow his load right there and then.

Katy suggested Joe use one of her butt plugs. He was happy to oblige and sorted out lube and a condom. Joe forced the butt plug up her tight arse as Katy groaned with pleasure. He fingered her and slapped her arse enjoying his submissive schoolgirl. Joe demanded she suck him some more, so he could penetrate her while the butt plug was in.

Katy groaned as Joe entered her tight pussy again. He banged her hard and pulled on her hair. “Can I pull your butt plug in and out?” asked Joe. She agreed and as he commenced operations he asked if Katy is he had ever been DP’d. “Only like this...not properly” replied Katy. She gasped with pleasure as Joe DP’d her using his cock and the toy.

Joe flipped her over from doggy into mish. He kept the butt plug in her while fucking her some more. Joe strangled Katy while pumping her hard. He does like to dom! After having his wicked way Joe told Katy “I want to cum all over your face.” He instructed Katy lay on her back on the bed, with her head hanging over the edge. He forced his cock down her throat and face fucked her, feeling her titties while he did so.

Unfortunately it was not the easiest position for Katy to suck Joe off properly. So Joe put Katy on her knees on the floor and he knelt on the bed looking down on her. This worked much better and Katy’s blowjob soon had Joe on the edge. He quickly whipped off the condom and squirted over her face and hair. He made a right mess of her. Brilliant ending to a good punt.

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