Kaydance and Layla of Nottingham

Date: Wednesday 9 December 2009
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Outcall to rented apartment.
Price: £200
Description: Kaydance; Friendly 19 year old curvy escort with tats. Layla;Shy, slim 19 year old escort with long blonde hair.

Kaydance used to work for ABC escorts under the name Courtney. Her best friend Layla is new to escorting, but not to sex. Both girls have been adult models and they are best friends and lovers. They are nineteen now but first got it on together at the age of fourteen. The girls have also been lap dancers working at Players in Derby, Flirts in Skegness, Charlie's Angels in Loughborough, Cheetahs in Sheffield and Taboo in Ibiza. They are heading back to Taboo later this summer so they are running a special two-girl offer until they leave which is £200 for two girls for one hour. A great price for Nottingham!

All this talk of lap dancing gave Dan an idea. Before heading to the bedroom he asked the girls if they could give him a sexy lap dance. They were happy to oblige. Dan was already sitting on a chair so the girls came over and smothered him. They kissed each other. Layla removed her top to reveal a black bra and then undid Kaydance's top so she could remove hers. She also had a black bra on. Layla removed her bra to reveal a neat pair of small, pert tits. Kaydance removed her skirt and sat on Dan's lap. Meanwhile Layla took to the floor and wriggled her booty at Dan. Kaydance joined her and the two girls spread their legs wide and touched their pussies through their panties. They kissed some more and felt each other up. Things were hotting up and Dan suggested they move to the bedroom.

The girls kissed on the bed. Layla removed Kaydance's bra and the girls touched each other up some more. Layla pulled Kaydance's black panties aside and went down on her. "Does that taste good?" asked Dan. "Very nice" replied Layla. "You should come try it yourself," Kaydance added. But Dan wanted to watch the two girls for a bit longer. Kaydance removed Layla's panties and they moved into sixty-nine. The girls pleasured each other with tongues and fingers.

Dan picked up a toy and joined the girls on the bed. “You’re a little bit over-dressed,” noted Kaydance so he started removing his clothes. While he did this the girls used toys on each other. Once naked Dan started kissing Layla. She then started giving him some OWO. “Oh your good at that” said Dan. Kaydance was busy pounding Layla’s pussy with a toy at the other end. “What’s it like having both holes filled?” asked Dan. Layla did not reply as she had her mouth full of his cock but Kaydance said “I think she likes it”. As Layla continued sucking Dan’s cock he used a toy to play with Kaydance’s pussy. Oh what fun!

“Let’s see what Kaydance is like at sucking dick,” said Dan. They repositioned themselves and Kaydance started licking Dan’s shaft. Layla would not be left out though and she joined Kaydance for a two-girl blow job. The girls kissed around the head of his cock. “Oh…that’s every guy’s dream,” said Dan. “Who am I gunna fuck first?” asked Dan. “Me” replied Layla. Kaydance warmed up Layla’s pussy with some lube and a toy. Meanwhile Layla sorted out a condom. They started off in doggy first. As Dan entered her teenage pussy he exclaimed “oh yea…fuck…that is tight”. As he pumped away Kaydance kissed Layla and played with her tits. Dan increased the pace, banging her hard. Then he slowed the pace right down and strangely just lost his hard on and his cock slipped out of Layla’s pussy. It seemed the reality of taking on two girls had suddenly hit home with Mr Thompson.

The girls offered to blow Dan again. However the two-girl OWO did not do the trick this time. The girls decided to play with each other again. It was not long before Dan joined in agaain, sticking his knob in Layla’s mouth. He seemed to be getting his mojo back. Kaydance was busy using a toy on Layla’s pussy. Dan did not want to leave her out though and when Layla took a break from the oral he shoved it in Kaydance’s mouth. “Do you wana feel my dick up you?” he said to her. Kaydance readily agreed and she sorted out a condom for him.

“How bout you take me doggy while I’m licking her out” Kaydance suggested. “Sounds good” replied Dan. He entered Kaydance and started pumping away, but unfortunately he lost it again. He wanked and watched as Kaydance went to work on Layla. Using her tongue and a toy Kaydance soon had Layla in a state of ecstasy. It was fascinating to watch.

Dan decided to join the girls again. This time he opted for licking Layla out. Kaydance continued to use the toy as he did this. Soon Layla was cumming again. Amazing! Looking at Layla’s clit Dan noted “It’s really swollen now”. He then continued “I think it’s time somebody else got some attention…don’t you?” The girls decided that person should be him. Dan lay down in the middle of the bed and the girls went either side of him and started doing a three-way kiss while they stroked his cock. Soon Layla was giving him some more of her great OWO. Kaydance joined her and they worshipped cock together.

Dan felt he was ready to try fucking again and the girls sorted out a condom for him. As he had already fucked Layla it was Kaydance’s turn to feel his knob. She climbed on top and rode him while Dan licked Layla out. Success! This time Dan managed to fuck her for a few minutes. Kaydance seemed to enjoy grinding on his cock. They tried switching position to mish, but unfortunately Dan lost it yet again. These two were just too much for him.

Time was running out and the girls suggested Dan finish off by cumming over their tits. Dan positioned himself at the end of the bed and the girls knelt on the floor below him. What a sight! The girls sucked and wanked Dan, but it was soon clear he was totally shell-shocked now. He tried wanking himself but his knob would just not work, so the session ended rather unsatisfactorily for him.

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Kaydance and Layla of Nottingham