Keira of Watford

Keira of Watford Date: Thursday 9 April 2009
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Incall at her hotel room.
Price: £200 + £25 for kissing.
Description: Exotic looking 26 year old English porn star.

Keira is a very well-known porn star who offers incalls from a local hotel. John had been desperate to meet her for a while and was greeted with a kiss on the cheek at the door and then told to jump on the bed for a chat. He started off asking about her porn career. Keira confessed she likes the escorting more than the porn because it is more personal, nobody is telling her how to fuck and it is continuous sex (not stop and start like porn). When discussing her services it turned out, like many of the porn stars who escort, that she does not really do kissing. Sensing the disappointment in John’s face she agreed to do it with him for an extra £25.

They took care of the money then Keira started off the session with some kissing. “I ain’t gonna get anywhere with this all buttoned up am I now,” she said undoing John’s shirt. She removed her top to reveal her magnificent tits. Keira then pulled down John’s trousers and boxers in one swift move. He already had a stiffy and Keira sucked on it hard. She was soon spitting on it in true porn star style. Next came the gagging, then the hard wanking. Wow what a lot of sensations! During a short break from the sucking Keira told John to wank his own cock into her mouth. This was a true PSE session. Interesting stuff!

“You know what baby we ain’t gonna be going no where if you don’t take your fucking shoes off” said Keira. “What is it with men?” she continued, but then told John not to worry and took care of it for him. She got John to stand up on the bed now and sucked his cock some more. “It’s really nice” said John. “Is that it…nice?” asked Keira incredulously. “Fucking hell you are meant to say it’s fantastic,” she continued before ending with “only joking!” This is one feisty porn star. I wonder what she acts like on set?

As Keira continued to gag on John’s cock he suddenly asked “do you like having your pussy licked?” She replied “Hell yea” and proceeded to complain that some punters didn’t like to do that and how she hated it when they didn’t. Another note to punters thinking of booking Keira – make sure you are into licking pussy! She lay back down on the bed and ripped open her tights to allow John access to her shaven haven – needless to say she was not wearing any knickers! John got to work licking her clit. “Oh yea munch on that” encouraged Keira. He asked if he could use fingers and she said no it’s not in the service. So he carried on licking. After a bit she reached round and gave him a handjob as he carried on eating her out. His attentions seemed to work as she appeared to cum in the end, although it’s hard to tell with these porn girls as they are so good at faking it!

“Lay back, lets rubber you up and I’m gonna fuck you raw” Keira announced. John did what he was told and lay on the bed. She applied a condom via her mouth – a neat little trick that looks and feels superb – then asked “how d’you want me?” John requested she jump on top. Keira hopped on and shoved his hard cock up her pussy. She instructed John to fuck it from underneath while she concentrated on playing with her clit. He pumped away hard. “Fuck that dirty little cunt” she encouraged him. John pumped her well, slamming into her pussy from below as she requested.

They switched it to fucking from behind. As Keira stuck her arse in the air, it looked a fantastic sight, window–dressed in the black tights. John stuck his knob in her pussy once more and pumped away hard again. Keira encouraged him, keeping up the dirty talk like porn stars do.

As John tired he asked if he could cum over Keira’s tights. She readily agreed and said she would lick it all off. He removed the condom and started wanking. Keira played with herself next to him and added encouraging dirty talk. Soon John was squirting white juice all over her black tights. Keira sucked the last remaining drops out of him saying “…I cleaned you dry…”

Keira offers the real PSE, so you better be up for that if you book her. Having said that it’s a fantastic PSE at a great price, so definitely recommended for those aficionados of porn stars.

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Keira of Watford