Keisha Kane of Manchester

Keisha Kane
Date: Friday 15 October 2010
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Outcall
Price: £220
Description: Stunning Exotic Ebony Escort & Pornstar

Keisha is originally from Manchester but moved to London when she was eighteen. Her mum is half English, half Puerto Rican and her dad is Jamaican. She is of course a famous porn star and this is one of the reasons Joel booked her. Keisha started doing porn right after her eighteenth birthday. She loves sex and loves the attention and so it was the ideal career for her. Keisha is 100% bi-sexual. She told Joel "The only reason I'm not a lesbian is cos I love cock so much." Kesiha was kissing girls from the age of thirteen and from sixteen onwards she started experimenting sexually with girls. The escorting started at the same time as the porn. But before Joel could discuss this with her Keisha suggested they had spent enough time talking and she should change into something sexier.

Keisha emerged from the bathroom wearing just bra, g-string and shoes. She suggested a sexy dance to start with. Joel thought that would be fantastic, especially as she reminded him he could touch her. Keisha twirled around in front of Joel then shoved her booty in his face and shook it. Wow he simply had to start touching her. "Spank my arse" purred Keisha. Joel duly obliged and also took the opportunity to feel her pussy. Keisha spun around again and undid Joel's shirt. She rubbed her tits over his groin area, then undid his belt and helped him undress. While Joel removed his shoes she took off her bra to reveal a nice pair of tits with prominent nipples. Keisha climbed back on top of Joel and shoved her tits in his face so he could suck her nipples. Then she hopped off and pointed her booty at him.

Keisha helped Joel out of his trousers, then paid his cock some attention through his boxers. She pulled it out and spat on it. Then she removed his boxers and stood up to remove her own g-string. Returning to the bed she licked then sucked his knob. She was soon sucking it hard. Taking a breather she then took to wanking him, before popping it back in her mouth for some more OWO. At the other end Joel was touching her pussy and then, after checking with her, fingering her as well.

The blow job continued. Keisha suddenly said "do you wanna fuck my pussy then?" Of course Joel did! Keisha sorted out a condom from the bedside table and passed it to Joel for him to apply. "You gunna bend me over like a dirty little bitch" Keisha said as she got on all fours on the bed. As Joel got into position behind her booty Keisha said "Just ease it inside there as it's a tight little pussy." Joel teased her first with the end of his knob, then slipped it inside her. "That is definitely tight" moaned Joel as he pumped away. Keisha encouraged him to fuck her with some good dirty talk. She told him to slap her arse and Joel tried to oblige, but he was struggling to give her a good fucking as it felt so good he wanted to pop right there and then. This can be an issue when punting with porn girls.

Joel suggested Keisha go on top for a bit. She readily agreed. During the change over she wanted to taste her own pussy juices, so sucked his knob some more. Then she climbed on top and shoved his hard cock up her pussy again. Soon she was bouncing up and down with enthusiasm. Keisha took to rubbing her own clit, then suggested Joel do that for her. She moved into the squat fucking position so he could easily watch his own cock sliding in and out of her cunt. "Oh god that feels fucking good" cried Keisha. She bounced up and down hard on his cock, then came over it, squirting pussy juice all over him. "Oh god that's wet" noted Joel "You've squirted all over me."

"Come and get on top of me" Keisha requested. Joel was happy to oblige. Keisha made herself comfortable on the bed and spread her legs wide. Joel got in between them and pushed his hard knob up her tight pussy once again. As he banged away hard Keisha said "shit…yea…go on fucking smash my pussy." Joel tried, but he was not like one of those porn guys and could not keep up the pace. He slowed from time to time to take a breather. Then he would try slamming her hard again. You could tell Keisha liked the hard bits best of all. Not one for the feint hearted this girl - she likes to be fucked hard just like in her movies. At one point Keisha told Joel not to cum inside her and pleaded with him to fuck her hard again. Realising he was defeated he suggested it was time to cum. "Can I cum over your tits" he asked. "Yea" replied Keisha "I want to see all that creamy spunk dripping down me." What a naughty little minx!

Joel pulled out, removed the condom and moved up towards Keisha's tits. She grabbed his cock and started wanking it hard. She spat on it as well - these porn girls just love spitting! Soon Joel was telling her he was ready to blow. She tugged him harder and his white cum spurted over her. The whiteness of it showed up brilliantly on her Ebony coloured skin. "I want every last drop out" purred Keisha. "God that was good" moaned Joel "that was fantastic...look at look great..." Keisha told him that was the Keisha Kane porn star experience." Indeed it was.

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Keisha Kane of Manchester