Kelly of Newcastle upon Tyne

Date: Tuesday 12 December 2017
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Outcall .
Price: £170
Description: Super fit and attractive new English escort with all natural 34 DD tits

Fancying an early Christmas present, Tony decided to treat himself to a one hour outcall visit from the super fit and attractive Geordie babe that is Kelly of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Kelly was ready and waiting for Tony at the agreed time at the house she had borrowed for the afternoon. Tony was pleased to be greeted by Kelly dressed as requested in a light grey clingy dress, white hold ups and a very sexy pair of high heeled suede boots. Knowing how to make a good impression, Tony quickly got the financials out of the way without being asked before popping into the bathroom to freshen up.

Sitting on the edge bed, Tony set about finding out a bit more about Kelly. As well as having starred in few porn films, Kelly also enjoys webcamming so can often be found online entertaining the adult world. Regarding her dos and don’ts, Kelly basically has one don’t, no bareback, which is as it should be. Everything else is at discretion with anal at extra cost.

Talking done, Tony and Kelly made themselves more comfortable in the centre of the bed. Being ever the gent, Tony kindly helped Kelly off with her dress and bra and finally her panties. The hold ups and boots were staying on.

With Kelly’s perfect all natural 34 DD titties now out in the open, Tony couldn’t resist enjoying himself kissing, licking, sucking and gently nibbling on those lovely puppies.

“Shall we do 69?” asked Tony. “Good idea, I love giving oral,” came the reply. With Tony lying on his back, Kelly climbed on top and so began a very pleasurable session of mutual oral. “You’re good at that,” said Kelly. “You’re not so bad yourself,” replied Tony. As she genuinely enjoys doing it, Kelly is very good at sucking cock. So good in fact that Tony had to tell her to ease off a few time to avoid cumming too soon. With Kelly blowing his cock to near bursting point, Tony distracted himself licking and nibbling away on Kelly’s very neat and tight little pussy.

With his cock now more than ready for fucking duties, Tony got off the bed and bagged himself up ready for action. Lying back down on the bed, Tony got Kelly to climb aboard cowgirl. Due to her pussy being very tight indeed, slowly and carefully impaled herself on Tony’s very happy member. Now comfortably in position, Kelly began riding Tony’s cock for all she was worth.

After just the right amount of time, Tony said, “I need to fuck that pussy properly. Let’s have you in doggy.” With Kelly now on all fours, Tony proceed to fuck away doggy style. “Ooo, that’s good,” moaned Kelly. “It certainly is,” replied Tony. Again, this time due to Kelly’s tight pussy and her ability to make it bite, Tony had to slow things down to avoid cumming too soon.

With his time with Kelly coming to an end, Tony wanted to enjoy the oh so attractive sights of Kelly’s gorgeous face and tits one more time. “Let’s have you on your back so I can fuck you mish,” he said. No sooner said than done, Kelly was on her back with her egs akimbo ready to receive Tony’s cock one more time. Carefully re-entering Kelly’s oh so tight pussy, Tony began to pump away as if his very life depended on it.

“I’m ready to cum,” Tony gasped. “Where can I cum? All over those lovely tits?” “Yeah, go for it,” said Kelly. Quickly pulling out and standing up and with Kelly now sitting in front of him on the edge of the bed, Tony handed over his cock to Kelly for her to begin wanking him off. Nearly there, Tony took himself in hand and with a few deft strokes was soon dumping a fine load of his vintage man juice all over Kelly’s lovely tits. Happy days indeed.

For those that appreciate truly beautiful and elegant young ladies who also enjoy sex, Kelly of Newcastle upon Tyne is, without question, a must see girl.

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