Kinky Victoria of Leicester

Kinky Victoria
Date: Monday 23 February 2015
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Incall .
Price: £130
Description: Lovely Russian lady who specialises in Dom.

Victoria’s incall place is easy to find with metered street parking nearby (£3 for 2 hours) or you can use the Matalan car park right next door if you ask Victoria. Once inside Joel was shown through to the open plan kitchen / lounge and offered a drink. He took care of the money before they moved through to the bedroom.

Victoria’s bedroom is the perfect boudoir; stylishly decorated and with various bits of Dom equipment. She tends to specialise in Dom and is happy to help newcomers venture into this field. The fact she has a sexy Russian accent adds to her allure as a Dom. If you ever wanted to live out a James Bond fantasy Victoria is your girl! Unfortunately Joel is not really into Dom and opted for GFE, although she does also offer PSE.

They started off with a snog. Joel quickly undressed himself before working on Victoria’s bra. With her help he soon had this removed. “That’s better” he said getting to work with his mouth on her nipples. He suggested moving to the bed and Victoria agreed. Joel was shocked when Victoria quickly handcuffed his arms; her bed has handcuffs already attached! “No…what are you going to do?” he pleaded “Tie and tease” she reassured him. Joel was OK with this and let her continue. She restrained his legs as well.

Victoria climbed on top of the spread-eagled and restrained Joel kissing him some more. Using her mouth she worked down his body teasing him as she went. Arriving at his cock, she spat on it before sucking it hard. Joel moaned with pleasure. “That was different” he said as Victoria moved up his body for another snog.

Victoria smothered Joel’s face with her tits. As she lifted off slightly he used his mouth to suck her tits some more. Victoria returned to the blowjob but positioned her arse and pussy over Joel’s right hand so he could cop a feel. Victoria decided it was time to release him. She removed her knickers and Joel used his hand to touch up her pussy. Victoria told him she preferred a tongue down there and Joel happily obliged.

“I need to try your stick” said Victoria. She sorted out a condom, using her mouth to apply it. Lying back on the bed, she opened her legs wide and Joel got in-between them. He pushed his hard cock up her pussy and pumped away slowly at first. “I like” purred Victoria. Joel increased the pace. Her nice boobs wobbled in front of his face. “Feels good” he said. “I like it deep and slow” said Victoria. “OK” said Joel followed by “one sec.” He had to stop for a minute as he was in danger of shooting his load. “Don’t cum” pleaded Victoria. Luckily he managed to hold off and carried on fucking her.

Pulling out Joel moved to the end of the bed and told Victoria to “come here.” She got on all fours on the bed. Joel stood up for maximum thrust and entered her once again. He held onto her corset as he pumped her hard. She gasped with pleasure. Joel re-positioned Victoria slightly so she was now flat on the bed. This was the perfect height for him and he slammed into her hard. He was enjoying this punt.

“Why don’t you get on top” said Joel, pulling out and making himself comfortable on the bed. Victoria was happy to oblige. Once in position she shoved his hard cock up her pussy and started to grind. Joel sucked her tits as she worked. Victoria switched it to energetically bouncing up and down on his shaft. “Oh yea….fuck me…” gasped Joel. He was soon ready to cum.

“Where can I cum on you?” asked Joel. “Can I cum on your face?” he continued. “Yes, of course” replied Victoria in her sexy Russian accent. They carried on fucking for a few more minutes before Joel suggested she lay down so he could cum over her face. Victoria did just that, sucking his cock some more. Joel took over wanking his cock. He told Victoria to play with his balls. That did the trick and he quickly shot his load into her open mouth and over her chin. He made quite a mess of her.

“That was fantastic” noted Joel. He helped Victoria up and she quickly disappeared to the bathroom to clean up. A fine punt from a lovely lady who you should definitely visit if you are into Dom or want to experience it.

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