Kitty of Leeds

Date: Friday 2 December 2005
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Incall at her place, modern flat in quiet rural area.
Price: £160
Description: Friendly 25-year old American student with large natural breasts, shoulder-length fair hair, blue eyes.

Kitty’s escort listing starts by saying “Horny American student dreaming of hard British cocks and ready to please”. Naturally this had attracted Nick’s attention and so it was we found ourselves venturing to Leeds. Kitty’s place is off the beaten track, but the directions she gave worked a treat. Her premises is a modern flat, the block surrounded by picturesque scenery and right near a pub – what more could you want?
After buzzing Nick in and taking his coat, Kitty showed him into the lounge and offered him a drink. They sat and chatted for a while then Kitty initiated the action asking Nick if she could kiss him. He had no objection of course, so they snogged a while until Kitty suggested they adjourn to the bedroom.

In there, during more kissing Nick noticed a box of lingerie on the bedroom floor. Kitty said she had lots of different outfits and asked Nick if there was anything he especially wanted her to wear. He asked for black stockings and Kitty picked them out of the box and went next door to get changed. Meanwhile Nick undressed himself.

When Kitty returned she was wearing pink underwear with black holdups. Soon her bra was off, and Nick enjoyed fondling and sucking her large natural boobs. Kitty reciprocated fondling his cock. She suggested Nick take a seat so he lay back on the bed. She got between his legs and started licking his erect penis, followed by some OWO. This was interspersed with periods of tit-fucking and ball-licking and sucking. At one point Nick mentioned he loves his arse being played with, so Kitty duly obliged by rimming him!

Nick sat up to kiss Kitty, then gave his attention to her ample jugs again. She said “That’s right, suck my tits,” and confirmed that she loves having her tits played with. Nick asked Kitty if she wanted him to lick her pussy? “Oh yes,” she replied and got up off the bed to remove her pink thong. Unlike many girls these days her pussy actually had some hair around it. Kitty lay down at the end of the bed and spread her legs wide open for Nick to start work with his tongue. She asked how it tasted and Nick said “Beautiful”. When he asked if she liked to be fingered she let him know she did, so Nick finger-fucked her for a while too.

Nick also asked about toys and Kitty said she had a whole box full. She enquired what he was interested in using and he replied “Anal beads”. Kitty asked “Vibrating or non-vibrating?” Nick chose the latter and she asked him to lube them up before using them. Kneeling between her thighs Nick slowly inserted the anal beads into her arse. It was interesting to see her butthole “swallow up” each bead in turn on the way in and then “pop them out” on the way back. Kitty was frigging herself while Nick played with the beads.

After that Nick stood up, Kitty handled his cock and sucked him again. Eventually she said “You’re getting me really horny I wanna fuck.” So she got up, grabbed a condom, and bagged Nick’s member, at the same time telling him what a nice cock he had. Kitty proposed that Nick start on top, so she kept her black stockings on and they began fucking in missionary position. Nick pumped away hard at first so the bed was shaking and her big natural knockers were jumping around. Soon however he got tired so Kitty helped revive him by kissing him, giving him a hand job and then blowing him some more. Once he was ready for action again they resumed in doggy.

After a while Nick asked Kitty if she wanted to go on top. Always willing to please she said “Sure,” and they switched positions. Kitty faced Nick at first and he held on to her arse cheeks as he fucked her. Then Kitty suggested she turn around and face the other way. This time she took control, nice and easy at first, but increasing the tempo later and even changing to squat-fucking Nick at one point. In this position it was not long before her muscles were weary so she hopped off.

Time was nearly up so Kitty asked Nick if there was a particular way he wanted to come. “In your mouth,” he requested and Kitty replied “Oh yeah.” “You like that?” asked Nick, “Oh I do,” she smiled. So Nick stood beside the bed and Kitty knelt in front of him and got to work. She wanked his cock, then gave him more oral. Nick asked Kitty to lick his balls and while she did this he wanked himself, then she sucked him some more. In the end Nick wanked himself again to get close to the edge then got Kitty to take over. Just as she did that, he came, and Kitty only just managed to capture it in her gob. She showed it to Nick frothing inside her mouth before swallowing the lot. Lovely!

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Kitty of Leeds