Krissy of Watford

Date: Friday 11 December 2009
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Outcall
Price: £250
Description: 21 year old sexy, curvy & fun English Rose.

David invited Krissy in and sorted out a drink for her. The money changed hands and they chatted on the sofa. “So what do you think of Watford then?” asked Krissy. Her questioning quickly turned to where he was from. Krissy is a very bubbly and chatty girl so be prepared for a good conversation with this escort. David had some questions of his own and moved the conversation swiftly back to her asking about her bi-sexuality. “I’ve got lots of girlfriends,” said Krissy. It turns out she loves girls who are genuinely bi and really get into it. She went to an all girl’s school and actually messed around with her teacher long with one of her friends (who she now escorts with as a duo).

The conversation turned to Krissy’s services. She explained “when I’m horny and when a person’s nice…it’s all very chilled out and relaxed…then I love just getting really naughty and pushing the boundaries…anything goes. But if someone’s rude then I just would not be able to do it.” As Krissy finished saying this she put her drink down and asked David for a kiss. He readily agreed and they snogged. “Shall we move to the bed?” asked David in-between kisses. “I was going to go and get changed first ok?” replied Krissy and she went off to the bathroom to do just that.

Krissy returned wearing a little black dress with black hold-ups. David was sitting on the bed waiting for her and Krissy sat on him and started the kissing again. She got him to lie down on the bed and helped him remove his clothes. “I genuinely love giving oral,” she declared while undoing his trousers. As soon as David’s knob was exposed she licked up and down the shaft, then took it all into her mouth and sucked hard. He soon rose to the occasion. “I can feel that tongue stud” said David as Krissy continued to give him awesome head.

“You know what I’d love to do” said Krissy “you stand up and gag fuck me.” David was well up for that of course! Krissy pulled her dress down to reveal her bra as she got on her knees in front of him. David grabbed the back of her head and forced it hard on to his cock. Krissy came up for a breather with tears in her eyes, then it was back to the forced gagging. Fantastic stuff! “Oh that’s it right at the back of your throat” said David as he pulled her head hard on to his knob again. He also got her to lick his balls.

They returned to the bed and kissed some more. Krissy naturally took to sucking David’s cock again. She then suggested they do sixty-nine, removing her knickers and climbing on top of him. “Beautiful pussy” declared David as he licked her out. “Do you like being fingered?” he asked. “I love it” replied Krissy. “Oh that’s tight” David noted as he felt inside her for the first time.

It was Krissy who moved things on suggesting she put a condom on. As she sorted this out they discussed their favourite positions. David suggested Krissy sit on top first. “Sounds cool” she replied as she pushed his cock up her tight hole. She fucked him with enthusiasm making great noises. True to her word she likes to keep it real. He managed to get her tits out as he fucked her and enjoyed playing with her nipples.

They moved into doggy next at David’s suggestion. He really got into it now, banging her hard from behind. When he started to tire she slowed things down and teased his cock in and out of her pussy. Then she hopped off to give him some more oral. “Let’s do some more doggy” said David unable to take the full-on stimulation of her mouth. He pounded her again only this time he nearly came inside her. He stopped himself by pulling out. Again Krissy went to give him some more oral but he told her to leave it alone for a short while as there was “a bit of leakage.” They kissed during the wait.

When David was ready again they resumed in mish. It was not long before he was close to the edge again and had to stop. “Cum all over my face” suggested Krissy. She lay down on the bed, David knelt up beside her face and Krissy started giving him a handjob. He soon came squirting most of his cum into her mouth, although a bit did land on her chin. Excellent punt.

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Krissy of Watford