Lara of London

Date: Sunday 18 February 2018
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Outcall .
Price: £200
Description: 33yo slim, mixed race lady.

As every punter knows you cannot have great punts all the time and this particular Sunday things went badly wrong for us. The whole reason for our trip to London was a punt with Pixie Slut (a/w 4172026) which had been arranged for two weeks. She described herself as “a naughty filthy slut who loves to be used.” This was the perfect punt for Joe who loves to be dominant.

Arrangements had been fine, until Pixie started emailing on the Thursday before checking everything was still on. We confirmed it was, but again she questioned this by email and text on the morning we were due to meet. It seemed “overkill” at the time but we thought perhaps she gets let down a lot. As we travelled to London all seemed fine.

An hour before we were due to check into the hotel Pixie sent a text saying she would be 30 mins late. We texted back saying no problem. One hour later, just as we were checking into the hotel, Pixie texted to say she was cancelling due to a family emergency. We were gutted as was Joe.

At this point we had to make a decision – forget the whole thing or try and find a replacement. Joe was horny as hell, and we had already paid for the hotel room, so we decided to see if we could find another escort to film. A reverse booking was duly placed on adultwork and while we waited Joe called several London agencies to see if they could help. Unfortunately none had an escort to film.

Suddenly there was a response on the reverse booking. Joe looked over the profile and felt sure this replacement would be fine. So we called to book her. She did not answer the phone, but she did text, and said she was on her way. In retrospect, certain signals were there but Joe was so horny and so pleased the action was back on we overlooked them.

It took ages for Lara to arrive and at one point we thought she was going to no show. However, it was a last minute booking so we had to give her the benefit of the doubt. When Lara did arrive Joe met her outside the hotel. Before coming in Lara said she needed £60 of the money up front to pay for the taxi. We immediately wondered if this was a scam but Joe said he felt she was coming in. The money was paid and she did come to the room.

Lara was not quite what we were expecting – we thought she was younger and hotter in her photos on adultwork but it was a bit late now. We discussed the filming and it was then Lara dropped a bombshell – she did not have any condoms. Unfortunately we did not have any either. In all our years of filming escorts we have never known one turn up to an outcall without condoms. Added to the taxi fare situation it seemed strange to us and uncomfortable. Was this really the escort from the profile? Perhaps it was a stand in?

Joe duly ran out and purchased some condoms so the meet could continue. The punt itself was OK, but it was average and it was more like just sex because Joe was horny and needed some. Also, Lara did not seem keen on being filmed, often turning her head away from the camera. Strange as it was advertised as a filmed punt on adultwork!

It started off with a massage – for which Lara used conditioner from the bathroom as oil! Things moved on to a blowjob (although Joe felt Lara preferred wanking cock to sucking it) and then on to sex in several positions. To be fair Joe was turned on and at one point nearly came early. He managed to stop though and carried on fucking. The session finished with a handjob/blowjob that was supposed to be over Lara’s tits but ended up going over Joe.

In retrospect we wish our decision at the beginning had been to just forget about punting on this day. Our efforts to salvage something did not really work out. Let’s just put this one down to bad luck. Here’s to better punts in the future!

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