Laura of Northampton

Laura of Northampton Date: Friday 11 July 2008
Time Spent: 2 hours
Place: Outcall.
Price: £240
Description: Cute 23 year old slim, Swedish blonde.

Back in Nottingham John decided to try the local escort agencies to hire a companion for a few hours. His research on the web had thrown up three main agencies covering Nottingham: ABC Escorts, Feline Escorts, and Elegant Escorts. The first two offer both incalls and outcalls, and you can also book the escorts for an hour. Elegant Escorts only offers outcalls and there is a minimum time of two hours. John preferred Elegant though as they have a good number of young attractive girls on their books. He decided on a cute blonde called Laura and when he phoned to book her was informed she was Swedish, but that her English was good.

Laura arrived on time dressed in tight jeans and a colourful top with leather jacket. John took her jacket, sorted out drinks and handed over the money. They sat together on the sofa for a chat. The first bit of interesting news was that Laura had come from Northampton. John had presumed she would be from Nottingham, but it seems the girls on Elegant’s books are from different towns in the Midlands, but are happy to travel. Presumably this is the reason behind the two-hour minimum booking. With an agency escort there is often quite a bit of chat before anything happens. In some ways it’s more like a date and you are getting to know the girl before you have sex. During their chat John and Laura talked about Northampton, music and hobbies. We discovered Laura has been in England for two years and has been escorting for six months and only ever for Elegant Escorts.

John suggested they move to the bedroom and Laura readily agreed. They both stood either side of the bed and Laura asked if she should just get undressed. John said yes, then hesitated and asked how she normally starts a session. She replied usually her clients start kissing and they both undress each other. Delighted at the chance of a snog John quickly moved round to Laura’s side of the bed. They kissed on the lips then Laura started undoing John’s shirt. He helped her off with her top. Laura suggested John make himself more comfortable on the bed. She removed her jeans so she was just in her bra and panties.

Laura joined John on the bed, kissed him some more and felt up his cock through his trousers. She kissed and licked down his body and undid his belt. He removed his trousers and pants in one go and she immediately started giving his cock a hand job. “Do you like oral?” she asked. “Yes, very much” he replied. Laura started by licking up John’s shaft and around the bell end. Then she took it in her mouth and sucked hard. You could tell it was an awesome blow job. When taking a break from the sucking she would give it a good wank. John told Laura to take her bra off and she obliged revealing small tits with big nipples. Lovely!

“Let’s do 69” said John. Laura hopped on top and John pulled her panties aside to reveal a nicely shaped, fully shaven pussy. Her got stuck in licking her clit. “You taste nice,” he told her. At the other end Laura was still sucking cock with a passion. It was obviously all too much for John as he was soon asking if they could move on to the main course. Laura went to her bag and grabbed a condom. She quickly applied this, removed her knickers and asked John “How do you want me?” He told her to lay down. He got in-between her legs, entered her pussy and started pumping away. Laura started feeling her own tits but John told her to play with her pussy. When John upped the pace Laura made nice groaning noises. You could tell John was really enjoying fucking her.

They switched to doggy. In this position John admired Laura’s cute bottom as he fucked her hard from behind. Then John asked Laura to jump on top of him, but he told her to face outwards so he could still look a her arse. Laura bounced up and down on John’s tool with enthusiasm. You can tell this girl likes to fuck. At one point John’s cock fell out of her pussy, but she just put it back in and carried on fucking him. Half way through she switched to squat fucking.

By now John was ready to cum. He asked Laura if it was okay to come over her face. She told him CIM is also available, but she does not swallow. But all John was interested in was cumming over Laura’s pretty face. He knelt up beside her and she started sucking him off. When she switched to a hand job John quickly came, squirting white spunk all over Laura’s mouth and chin. It quickly dripped down onto her neck making a lovely mess. She carried on wanking John’s cock squeezing every last drop out of it.

Great punt with a fantastic girl. The lady who answered the phone at Elegant Escort agency handled the booking very well so it seems like a good, reliable agency.

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Laura of Northampton