Lindsay of London

Date: Saturday 8 April 2006
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Outcall to hotel.
Price: £180
Description: 18 year old Hungarian. Petite pretty blue-eyed blonde, lovely smooth tanned skin, nice tight body, small tits, some tattoos.

Since the additional ten latest countries joined the EU there's been a greater influx of foreign exotic ladies from Eastern Europe coming to work as escorts in the UK. Lindsay is originally from Hungary, but now spends most of her time in London. She arrived at my hotel on time, wearing jeans and a tight Armani top with her blonde hair pinned up, looking just like a regular teenager. After sorting out a drink and the money we sat down and tried to have a chat. Unfortunately her English is not that good, so this was not easy. Also I was surprised when I asked about her name that she knew nothing of the controversial novel by Nabokov. How strange! Seems it was someone else's idea to adopt this working name. I quickly moved things on by asking Lindsay if she had brought along some sexier clothes to change into. She emptied her bag on to the bed, we selected an outfit and she went off to the bathroom to transform herself.

Lindsay reappeared wearing a feminine black and pink negligee with black fishnet holdups and high heels. She looked mouth-wateringly gorgeous! I asked her to do a little dance for me as she'd already told me she works in go-go bars when back home in Hungary. She stood up and wiggled around for me, but it was not as good as I was hoping. I decided to join in and started to feel her arse and her body. I suggested she sit in a chair and show off her body to me. First she gradually revealed her small pretty breasts, then began stroking her pussy. She moved her thong to one side and exposed a totally shaven haven, which she continued to play with. I asked Lindsay if she had brought along a toy with her and she produced a pink vibe and some lube from her bag. I held the toy while she lubed it up. She pretended to wank the vibrator, which really got me going. Then she took it off me and used it to touch her pussy, gently caressing the lips with it at first before inserting it into her slit, sighing as it entered her. She fucked herself while I played with her tits. I asked Lindsay if she liked to taste the toy after it had been inside her and she pulled it out and slipped it straight into her mouth. As well as sucking the vibrator she playfully licked it with her tongue and looked up at me as she did so. This really made me horny so I decided it was time to get some of that treatment for myself. I informed Lindsay is was my turn now and she put down the vibe. I quickly undressed myself and got my cock out for her. Lindsay licked it up and down the shaft, then popped it in her mouth for some OWO. I encouraged her to get as much of my dick into her mouth as she could, and to suck harder. Her technique was not great, but when you have a young girl sucking you off, the sight of what is happening is enough to excite any man!

I now decided to move things along and asked Lindsay to bend over the bed so I could take her in doggy. As I removed the rest of my clothes she fished out a condom from her bag. She had trouble opening the packet, so in the end I bagged my own rod for her. Lindsay leant over the bed and I pulled down her pink g-string. I took a good look at that cute little arse and neat pussy before entering her. Wow she was tight! It felt so good being inside her neat box, fucking away as Lindsay made slight moaning noises. Basically she just lets you get on with it and is compliant if you need her to be. I got her to kneel up on the bed and open her legs more to make it easier for me to penetrate her and she duly obliged. This gave me better leverage so I could feel the whole of my cock entering her and I got quite into this, but Lindsay's reaction was just the same - more like putting up with the fucking than actually enjoying it.

Having worn myself out in doggy I decided to rest on the bed. Lindsay jumped on top of me, but facing away from me. She did squat-fuck me in this position so I didn't mind. It felt good, she was doing all the work, and she does have the energy of someone half my age. As I tried to re-position her on top of me, my cock fell out. We resumed with her on top, but this time I requested she face me. As she started bouncing up and down on me again she made a lasso motion with her hand - quite amusing, and I think she does have a cheeky sense of humour. This position allowed me to pull her down towards me and we kissed (though not with tongues unfortunately). We also had a laugh about the word fuck in Hungarian. All good fun, but it was a different kind of shag. After pumping me good, Lindsay stopped for a breather and I proposed that she lay down on the bed now. As I approached her she looked great lying there before me with her blonde hair, pretty face and tanned body, legs wide open waiting for me. I entered her again in missionary and we fucked some more. During this position I noticed Lindsay did interact with me more, touching and stroking me as I ploughed away. Maybe she was warming to me now or felt more comfortable?

I realised I was not going to be able to cum inside Lindsay, so we discussed where I could finish. We agreed on her face and I told her to stay where she was as I pulled out. She started to sit up, and I had to explain again for her to stay put. I knelt beside her and removed the condom. She popped my cock in her mouth, sucked the end, and wanked the shaft with her hand. I realised this was not going to work for me, so I asked her to just wank it hard. This she did and soon I had the pleasure of squirting my hot juice over that lovely young face. It landed in a neat pile on her cheek and looked fantastic. I thanked her and then we cleaned up.

Lindsay is a happy cheeky girl, and it's always a great treat to enjoy the delights of a fit teenage body. However, you need to bear in mind her English is not brilliant, and the sex was a bit mechanical for my taste, which I've found is often the case with many younger girls. In this game it's tricky to get everything perfect, but it's sure fun to keep on searching!

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Lindsay of London