Louise Hunter of Aylesbury

Louise Hunter of Aylesbury Date: Tuesday 19 May 2009
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Outcall
Price: £200 (includes A Levels)
Description: 21-year-old “anal slut” with 36F boobs & lots of piercings.

I have filmed Louise Hunter before back in March 2007 but since then she has had a boob job and more piercings down below. Also last time there was no camera guy, so it was just me fucking and filming her at the same time, which is fun but results in a different look to the film. Louise describes herself as “the best anal slut on adultwork” and Monty just loves fucking girls up the arse, so he could not wait to get his hands on this naughty young lady.

After sorting out drinks and money they had a little chat on the sofa. He was very interested in her modelling and Louise told him she loves the fetish stuff. Monty asked her about anal sex. “I love anal so much I prefer it better than sex in my pussy” declared Louise.

When Monty asked Louise about her recent boob job she offered to show them to him. Not that we could not see them on display already as they were bursting out of her white skimpy dress. “Oh they are big aren’t they” said Monty as she unleashed them. He immediately started touching them. “I love my nipples being sucked as well,” said Louise. Monty dived in. “I’ve never sucked nipples with these things in before” he said pointing at the rings dangling from her nipples. “So have you got any more piercings?” asked Monty. “I have…yea…downstairs” replied Louise. “Let’s have a look then - don’t be shy” he said. She was not wearing any panties so Louise just spread her legs wide to show off the ten piercings in her pussy. “I do like a pierced cunt” she announced.

The conversation moved on to tattoos and Louise asked to see Monty’s so he removed his shirt. “I do like guys with tattoos” she purred. Louise started feeling Monty up and asked to see his cock. He readily agreed and she undid his trousers and got it out. Soon she was sucking on his member, which rapidly rose to the occasion. Monty asked her to gag on his cock and she was happy to oblige. “I like the feel of a cock right down my throat” she said.

Louise stood up and removed her dress so she was just in black hold ups and high-heeled shoes. When she sat back down on the sofa, Monty opened her legs wide and licked her out. He was soon fingering her as well. Monty suggested it was time for a johnny, but Louise offered to suck him off again first.

Once Monty was hard again Louise grabbed a condom from her bag. She asked him what position first and he suggested she go on top. Louise removed her shoes and then climbed on board, facing him. As she bounced up and down he played with her massive hooters and sucked her nipples some more.

“Why don’t you lay down” Monty suggested. Louise made herself comfortable on the sofa and spread wide for him. As he inserted his cock she said “oh yea you fuck my pussy.” While he pumped away she groaned and moaned with pleasure. “Yea that’s good” she told him as she played with her own clit. “I want you to take me from behind, that’s my favourite position” said Louise. They switched to doggy.

“I think you should stick that cock up my arse now” declared Louise. “Good idea” agreed Monty. He prepared her back hole first by inserting fingers and applying lube. Then he forced his way into that tight back passage. “Slide it in nice and slowly at first” Louise said. Monty did just that. “Oh that feels sooo good” said Louise “oh yea I love a nice hard cock up my arse” she continued. “Dirty bitch” mumbled Monty. “I love being called dirty names” replied Louise “tell me more…tell me I’m a dirty fucking whore.” The dirty talk banter continued between them. Fantastic stuff if you are into it!

Monty fucked her arse for ages, really giving it to her. You can tell Louise genuinely loves anal sex, as not many escorts would readily accept that kind of pounding. Eventually she said “Shall I get on my back for you.” Monty agreed and she moved into the mish position, but with her legs stretched wide and up in the air so he had easy access to her back passage. He forced his cock into her bum again and pumped away. As she played with her own clit again Louise said “you fuck my arse so good.” Soon Monty was once again increasing the tempo, really giving it to her up the arse.

“My legs are fucked” declared Monty, pulling out of her. Normally a girl would suggest a rest, especially after being fucked so long and hard up the arse. Not Louise! “Shall I get on top of you?” she enquired. What a nympho! Monty sat back down on the sofa and Louise climbed on board, facing away from him this time. She shoved his cock up her arse and fucked him with enthusiasm. “I love cock up my arse” she said!

Louise suggested Monty play with her boobs and he was more than happy to oblige. When Louise’s legs tired, she suggested changing position again and Monty let her lay on her side in the sofa. He entered her arse again and pumped away. At this point they discussed where Monty wanted to shoot his load and both agreed over her new tits would be great. First, however, there was more anal fucking to do. Monty had another spurt of energy and fucked her vigorously. Louise played with her clit and eventually seemed to genuinely cum in this position. Always brilliant when you can make an escort do this!

“Are you going to let me cum now?” asked Monty. Yes please” replied Louise. Monty stood up and Louise knelt in front of him. She started off with some more superb OWO. Soon she was wanking his cock. “That’s it wank it harder” suggested Monty. “Yea….I want you to explode all over my tits” replied Louise. She carried on with the hand job and soon enough he squirted white spunk all over those massive 36F boobs. “Look at all that spunk,” exclaimed Louise as she rubbed it into her tits. What a fantastic ending to a good punt.

If you love anal sex and dirty talk then you simply have to book Louise. It’s hard to imagine there would be another escort out there who would happily allow a client to screw her up the arse in so many different positions and for such a long time. She really does genuinely love it.

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Louise Hunter of Aylesbury