Lucia of Manchester

Date: Tuesday 13 April 2010
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Outcall.
Price: £170
Description: 19 year old British blonde glamour model.

Dan invited Lucia into the apartment he had rented in Manchester. As he sorted out drinks he asked her if she had found the place easily. “No I got lost” she replied. Despite her name Lucia is born and bred in Manchester (but she is half Italian). Being a teenager she is quiet and shy, so Dan was left to ask most of the questions. Having said that, she has some interesting things to say when she does start talking, like the fact she is going away to India this year. She only escorts 2 or 3 nights a week as the rest of the time she is working behind a bar in a local lap dancing club.

After a brief chat Dan decided they should retire to the bedroom. Once there he sat on the bed with Lucia and started snogging her. “You’re a good kisser” he commented as he came up for air. Dan was excited now and keen to get things moving. He quickly removed Lucia’s black dress, kissed her some more and undid her bra while doing this. “You’ve got cute boobs” he told her as he moved on to sucking and licking her nipples. The panties came off next revealing a neat shaved pussy. Dan checked it was OK to finger her and she agreed.

“I really wanna see what it feels like to put my dick in your mouth” said Dan. He started removing his clothes and once naked she grabbed his knob, wanked it, and then popped it in her mouth. “Ah that’s good” noted Dan as she continued with the OWO. He told her to rub the stud in her tongue across the top of his knob and she duly obliged. He was getting too excited now so he suggested tasting her pussy.

Lucia made herself comfortable on the bed and Dan got to work with his tongue. Soon he was fingering her as well. Meanwhile Lucia was wanking his cock. After playing with her pussy for a while Dan leant up and suggested she suck his cock some more. She duly obliged and he was soon ready to fuck her.

Together they sorted out a party hat for his cock. Lucia knelt on all fours and Dan entered that tight teenage pussy for the first time. He was in heaven as he eased his cock in her hole. Starting off slowly he soon increased the pace, slapping up against her arse as he banged away. “You’ve got a really nice arse by the way,” he told Lucia. He was enjoying looking at it as he pumped in and out of her.

“You should go on your back” said Dan. Lucia flipped over for him and opened her legs wide. Gently he eased his knob back into her pussy and banged away. He played with her clit as he fucked her, then got her to do this as well. “Right I think it’s time you did some of the work” said Dan as he got her to go on top. This allowed him to play with her tits some more. “You’ve got great nipples” he said. At one point he got her to sit up some more so he could watch her tits bouncing as she bobbed up and down on his cock. “You gunna let me cum over them?” he asked. She readily agreed, but they carried on fucking for a bit longer.

Dan was ready to cum over Lucia’s tits. She hopped off and lay down on the bed again. He knelt up alongside her and she started giving him a handjob. Dan was so excited by being with a teenager that he soon lost it, splattering white hot spunk all over. Some teenager girls immediately want to get the spunk off their bodies, but Lucia seemed fine with it, letting him admire his handy work. He told her how great it had been, but she was as quiet as ever.

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Lucia of Manchester