Lucy Devine of Southampton

Date: Wednesday 11 July 2012
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Incall .
Price: £200
Description: Olive skin, dark-haired babe with great booty & 34DD tits.

Joel saw Lucy just before she was moving to London. Her luxury apartment in Southampton was very easy to find with car parking behind the apartment block. Joel was shown straight into the bedroom where he was offered a drink of “Pussy” – it’s a canned drink which is a natural replacement to Red Bull. “There’s some pussies I don’t wana go near…but that’s good” said Joel after taking a sip. They sorted out the money, Joel opting for the all-in porn star experience at £200.

“So how do porn stars start?” asked Joel. With some kissing it would seem. Lucy straddled Joel and undressed him. She stood up and removed her black dress, revealing nice underwear. Returning to the bed she licked his balls before popping his cock in her mouth for a nice, sloppy blowjob. Lucy removed her bra to reveal her awesome tits. She used them to play with his knob before continuing the OWO. “How much of that can you get down your throat?” asked Joel. Lucy can deep throat and managed to get most of it all the way down.

Lucy stood up again and removed her knickers. Returning to the bed she grabbed a condom off the side table. Straddling Joel she used his cock to slap her own pussy. She blew him some more then asked him if he was ready for a condom. He certainly was and Lucy applied one with her mouth before slipping his hard cock up her pussy. Joel soon needed her to slow down noting she had “a very tight pussy.” He was in danger of cumming before he got anywhere near the anal sex.

Lucy played with her own clit and moved more slowly as requested. Joel felt her great booty and tits. Lucy suggested changing position and Joel agreed. “I hear you’re a bit of a squirter” said Joel as Lucy hopped off him. “Would you like to see that?” she asked. He did, but first he wanted to lick her pussy out. When he resorted to fingering her, she got to work on her clit with a toy. She introduced a second toy and Joel sat back to watch the show. “How far do you shoot?” asked Joel. “Quite far…it normally hits the head board” replied Lucy. “Let’s see if you can get me from there then” said Joel as he sat in-between her legs.

At first it seemed as if Lucy would only squirt a little bit. She had seemed to cum and had dampened the sheets. However she told Joel she could keep going so he encouraged her to do so. He was not prepared for what happened next. Suddenly Lucy let out a massive orgasm and squirted like a fountain. She soaked Joel. “Yep you definitely squirt” he said wiping it off his face. The bed was soaked. “I think that’s one of the biggest ones I’ve ever done” declared Lucy. They took a few minutes out to clear up the mess.

Once new covers were on they both relaxed back on the bed. Lucy gave Joel another blowjob. “Fuck that’s good” he said as she worked on him. He was soon rock hard and suggested it was condom time again. Lucy applied it with her mouth just like before. This time they decided to start off fucking in mish. Lucy opened her legs wide. Joel got in-between and entered that tight pussy for round two. “Oh yea” he sighed on entering her, before banging away hard. “Fuck me baby” pleaded Lucy in true porn star style. “It’s very wet in there now” noted Joel – the aftermath of the squirting.

When Joel tired he simply dropped to the bed and switched it to spoons. He pumped away more slowly now. Lucy suggested trying doggy and Joel readily agreed. He got her to kneel by the edge of the bed and he stood up. Admiring her nice booty on the way Joel penetrated her again. “Oh that’s good” he said steadily increasing the speed of his pumping. Lucy slapped her own arse for him. Nice. “Do you wana try that cock in your arse in a minute?” asked Joel. Lucy did calling him a dirty boy!

Joel withdrew from Lucy’s pussy. She lubbed up her arse, and he steadily pushed his cock up her back passage. “That’s a tight arse” he said as his knob popped into it. He pulled her arse cheeks aside and pumped her hard. “Oh you dirty boy” said Lucy encouraging him. You can tell this girl likes her anal sex. “It’s amazing…feels so good” gasped Joel. “A proper dirty fuck” he continued. Lucy gave him some of the potty mouth porn star stuff which is what he seemed to want. “God that’s making my cock fucking hard” said Joel.

“Right baby I’m getting so close…where can I shoot my cum?” said Joel. “All over my face” replied Lucy. This was after all the porn star experience. Lucy started off by giving Joel some more of her OWO. She switched to wanking him hard and that did the trick. He quickly came splattering her mouth and face with his sperm. Lucy swallowed it all. Joel could not believe it.

Great porn star punt. Highly recommended, especially the anal!

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