Madison of Watford

Date: Sunday 18 September 2005
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Incall
Price: £110
Description: Innocent looking 19 year old English Rose. Shoulder-length auburn hair, green eyes, pale skin and perfectly formed pert breasts.

I'd arranged to see Madison on my way back into London one Sunday afternoon. Her incall place is only 10 mins drive from M1 junction 5. I found it easily, and parked across the road, but it's on a very busy one-way street, so apparently using the nearby railway station car park is the norm. Madison greeted me at the door in a little black number and showed me through to our room. On the way, I noticed there were two other ladies working out of this spacious house, each quite different to Madison. She offered me a drink, which I declined, we took care of the money and then she left me to get undressed. Madison re-appeared very quickly and put a fresh towel on the bed for me to lie on. She asked if I would like a video on, and I could see from a table against the window they had a vast selection on offer (in fact you can buy DVD's from them), but I told Madison I preferred to look at her.

Madison took off her black dress to reveal a matching red set of bra and g-string with black fishnet holdups. Her skin is naturally white and I noticed she has no tattoos or piercings - quite unusual for a 19 year old these days. She told me she had worked for an escort agency before, but now enjoys being an independent. Madison offered me talc or oil for my massage and I selected the oil. She climbed up on the high bed and straddled me. On went the oil and she started giving me a very nice massage as we continued to chat. She told me most of her business is outcall, but she rents a room at this house for incall. It seemed the other escorts there specialised more in incall and advertised themselves via the local newspaper. Madison also told me that on a fri/sat she will often go into London to take late night and last minute bookings - obviously you would need to phone her for this service. She also runs a phone chat business. What a busy girl! She comes across as more level-headed and well-organised than most youngsters.

The massage turned more sensual with Madison paying attention to my balls. She took off her red bra and checked if I was all right. I turned over to face her and was greeted by the sight of a nice pair of perfect pointy tits. It has to be said you can't beat a younger woman for this. I started stroking them, but Madison leant down and started kissing me on the lips. We enjoyed locking tongues and lips for a while. Then she kissed my chest and body before returning for another snog while I gently caressed her boobs. She continued to kiss my body, then before reaching my groin she stopped to tie back her hair which was getting in the way. Resuming our kissing this time it continued down to my (by now) erect cock. She licked along the shaft then made herself more comfortable moving closer to my dick. Now she gave me a proper blow-job (uncovered). Her sucking technique was fabulous and she also used her tongue to good effect flicking it across my knob end. This is one experienced young lady! As she continued with her great OWO, sometimes looking up at me with those innocent eyes, I was in heaven. She kept a sustained strong sucking on my cock - up and down, up and down - wow, I was struggling not to explode inside her mouth right there and then. You can just tell when a girl takes pride in giving good head and Madison does.

We kissed some more and I started feeling her up while she still played with me. Gently pulling aside her red g-string, I wetted my fingers and felt her neatly shaved pussy. Madison was soon moistening under my touch so I got her to sit up so I could get better access. Stroking her some more, I suggested she now lay down on the bed. I opened up her pink pussy lips and you could clearly see her cunt cream accumulating - I guess she was already turned on. I went down on her to lick and suck her pussy. She responded well to my attentions making little groaning noises - always rewarding for a bloke. I asked if I could finger her; No problem, and so I felt her tight pussy for the first time. I knew I was really going to enjoy fucking her.

With all the attention on Madison by this point my cock had gone down. But she quickly brought it back to life by resuscitating me with some more of her wonderful oral. I carried on gently stroking her pussy and Madison asked if she should get a condom. I happily agreed and she expertly bagged my cock. Her hair came down again and she asked what position I'd like us to start in so I suggested she went on top. Climbing on board she eased my member into that tight hole and carefully started moving up and down. I couldn't believe how tight she felt - superb. Soon she was getting really creamy, I could see it running down the outside of the condom. Was she enjoying this as much as me? When I enquired she said "It feels so good", Fantastic then! After a while I got Madison to lean back more, giving me a different sensation. She said her hips were pretty dodgy so we only stayed in this position for a short while. I proposed we move on to mish.

I got Madison to lie right at the end of the bed and open her legs wide. I stood comfortably on the floor and speared that tight pussy again. We kissed and it did feel like a real girlfriend experience. In this position it was easier to use the full length of my cock too. I thought she might have trouble taking it, but she made no complaints as I gradually increased tempo and she accepted a good rogering. This is one 19 year old who sure enjoys her sex. I tried one of her legs resting on my shoulder so I could attempt even deeper penetration. However, this position eventually became a bit uncomfortable for Madison so we decided to change. I got her to turn over so I could take her from behind. She pointed her lovely round arse up towards me and I slipped my cock between her wet cuntlips once again. I pumped away happily - it felt so good inside her. The bed creaked rhythmically as we continued our shagging.

I told Madison that I could fuck her all afternoon but I would have trouble cumming inside her. "That's OK" she said, "How would you like to cum?" I withdrew from her pussy and enquired, "You do cum in mouth, right?" She confirmed this was so and we decided to finish like that, with her kneeling sexily right in front of me. She grabbed a box of tissues (she spits) and a cushion and then tied her hair up again. She knelt at my feet, removed the rubber and used her hand to wank my cock towards her willing mouth. Very soon I had the pleasure of seeing my cum squirt into her mouth. She kept her lips wide open so I could see all the cum collected there before grabbing a tissue and spitting it out. "Messy!" as she rightly commented. We both cleaned up and I soon got dressed. On the way out Madison showed me the 'dungeon' they have at this premises in another room.

I was impressed by this great young girl, fairly new to the scene, giving what seems very good value for money IMO. I'd say it's definitely worth stopping off as you pass junction 5 of the M1.

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Madison of Watford