Madison of Milton Keynes

Madison Date: Thursday 17 October 2009
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Incall
Price: £120
Description: Description: Shoulder-length auburn hair, green eyes, pale skin & perfectly formed pert breasts. Early 20s.

Madison has filmed for RealPunting before when she worked as an independent girl in Watford. She was a teenager back then and had only just started escorting. Now she is much more experienced and works out of a house in Milton Keynes where several girls are on offer each day. The place is easy to find. There is parking outside, although the free bays are often full, so it’s wise to take some change to use one of the reasonably priced pay areas.

After sorting out the money Madison returned to the room with drinks and suggested Joe get undressed so she could start with a massage. While he did this she organised a fresh towel for the bed and they started chatting. Once Joe was naked he lay on the bed. Madison sorted out some lotion and climbed on top of him. As she massaged him they carried on talking.

Madison started kissing Joe on his back and knowing that she also likes a massage he offered to give her one. She got him to remove her bra. As he let her tits loose Joe couldn’t help noticing how pert they were. Madison lay back on the bed and removed her underwear so she was now completely naked. Joe enjoyed the massage role reversal – especially splashing cold lotion on to her body. As he worked on her bum he complimented her on how great it looked. “Thank you very much,” said Madison “funnily enough I’ve just started doing A-Levels” she continued; “very discretionary….” she hastened to add. Joe asked if she liked to be rimmed. Madison did, so he licked her arsehole out. “That is definitely nice,” he said. “We’ll have to explore that a bit more later,” replied Madison.

The massages were all over now , so they lay together on the bed and snogged. Madison started playing with Joe’s cock and balls. She gradually kissed down his body moving in for the blowjob. She gently licked the shaft of his cock first. Then she popped the head in her mouth and sucked hard. Joe asked if she did deep throat and Madison duly obliged. When taking a break from the sucking she used her tongue to good effect flicking it across his bell end and licking up and down his shaft. Ten out of ten for the OWO!

“I think it might be time to have a lick of your pussy,” declared Joe. They swapped places on the bed, kissing some more during the change over. Before licking it Joe asked if he could finger her. Madison readily agreed and he was pleased to discover she was already wet. Joe used his tongue now, licking her clit and fingering her hole at the same time. Madison groaned with pleasure. “Can I put two fingers in there?” asked Joe. “Yea if you can get them in” replied Madison. “I won’t go for three then” joked Joe. He fingered her some more then announced “We don’t want to leave that bum out do we now?” He started rimming her again. He then asked to finger her bottom. She agreed and as he inserted his finger he noted “that is one tight little arsehole.” Unfortunately for him they both agreed his cock was probably not going to fit up there.

Madison gave Joe some more of her fantastic OWO then suggested it was condom time. Joe agreed and she expertly used her mouth to apply one. “Now that’s a talent,” commented Joe. He had only seen one girl before who could do that with his cock and she was French. They started off with Madison on top. She shoved his knob up her pussy and bounced up and down with enthusiasm. This girl knows how to fuck well. They kissed while they shagged and Madison also made nice groaning noises. Fantastic stuff. Joe indulged in some light spanking of her bottom after he checked Madison was okay with that.

They switched to doggy as Madison’s legs were killing her. Joe took control now banging her hard from behind. Then he slowed it right down. “You tease,” said Madison. So he went back to giving it to her hard which she seemed to really enjoy. When Joe tired again he got Madison to arch her back and drop her legs. He was interested in her bottom again and asked to stick his finger in it as he fucked her. She readily agreed and Joe stuck his finger up there all the way to the knuckle. He enjoyed moving it in and out.

Joe suggested a change of position, so Madison got on her back. He entered her once again holding her legs high in the air and pumped away. By now he was ready to shoot his load, so he slipped out of her and knelt up beside her face. Madison removed the condom and stated giving him some more OWO. He fingered her as she did this. She switched to a hand job and that did the trick. He squirted his load across and into her mouth. It dribbled down her chin and she got up to clean herself up. Brilliant ending to a good punt.

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Madison of Milton Keynes