Naughty Manc Couple of Manchester

Date: Wednesday 16 June 2010
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Outcall
Price: £120
Description: Fun easy-going couple. Zarina is 18 & Joe is 30.

For his second day in Manchester Joel wanted to spice things up a bit, so he decided to hire an escorting couple. Joe and Zarina arrived on time, casually dressed and Joel invited them in and showed them to the sofa. Zarina’s family are from Pakistan but she was born in the UK. Joe and Zarina are a real couple and have been dating for a year and a half. Their sexual exploration together has included dogging and swinging. They are both bi – Joe is orally and anally bi. Zarina does not offer anal so no DP is available, she also does not kiss. They have a flat in South Manchester for incalls.

Joel ended the chat by suggesting they move to the bedroom. Once there Zarina sat in the middle of the bed between the two boys. They started removing clothes until they were all naked. Joel began by playing with Zarina’s pussy, while Joe kissed her and played with her tits. Zarina was soon gasping with pleasure – it seems she is very sensitive to touching. Both guys concentrated on her boobs for a while. “She’s got great boobs,” said Joe.

“You play with me a little bit,” suggested Joel. Zarina did more than this - she wanked both guys cocks, adopting the classic skiing position. The guys were now rock hard from her attentions. Joel meanwhile was making sure she was nice and wet down below. He suggested she suck Joe’s cock and she was more than happy to oblige. While she did this Joel played with her pussy some more. He noted it was a really tight pussy.

Joel decided it was time for his cock to be sucked and suggested Zarina take one cock after the other. Both guys sat together on the bed. She started on Joel’s big knob first, sucking it hard and using her tongue to good effect. As she did so she wanked Joe’s cock. Then she switched it around, sucking Joe and wanking Joel. The next few minutes were blissful for the boys as she went from one to the other, but constantly paid attention to each cock all the time, whether by mouth or hand. Eventually Joel suggested Joe head for her butt where he played with Zarina’s pussy. Then Joe slipped his knob up her gash and fucked her in doggy. Meanwhile she continued blowing Joel. He enjoyed seeing her tits wobble as Joe rammed her hard from behind. “She might cum on your cock by the sound of it” Joel noted as Joe pumped away.

Now it was time for Joel to fuck. He sorted out a condom for himself, then jumped off the bed and switched places with Joe. “Nice tight pussy” he said as he entered her for the first time. He took it gently at first. “Try not to go in all the way” pleaded Zarina. He duly obliged and took it steady to start with. Meanwhile she was hanging on to Joe’s cock for all she was worth. Eventually she managed to start sucking it while being pounded by Joel who noticed she was now getting creamy.

Joel suggested Zarina try sitting on his cock so they switched to her on top. Joe continued to get his cock sucked as she fucked Joel. You could tell she enjoyed having her mouth and pussy filled at the same time. “Oh that feels so good…I’m going to have to slow down a minute,” said Joel. “Tight pussy…it’s incredible” he continued. They took it easy for a while. Then Joel suggested they try something different. He thought it would be good if Zarina got into the spoons position and tried fucking one cock after another. She was up for this and lay in between them on the bed. First she fucked Joel in spoons, then she pulled out spun her arse towards Joe and he fucked her. They swapped over several times enjoying poking pussy between them. It was Joel who suggested they take a five minute break for a drink and everyone agreed that was a good idea.

They returned to the bedroom. Joel suggested Zarina get him hard again so she gave him some more of her OWO. Joe played with her pussy as she did this – finger fucking her. Joel suggested he dive in there and Joe did just that shagging her in doggy. She seemed to really get into this as Joe slapped her arse as he banged her. The only thing that kept her quiet was sucking on Joel’s cock. But he decided to put another condom back on. This time she climbed on top pointing away from him. Joe still instructed her to suck his cock as she fucked – fantastic stuff.

Joel told Joe he was nearly ready to cum. Luckily Joe was also ready. They decided on a joint facial. Zarina lay down on the bed and the guys stood either side. She wanked both guys off, then Joel told her to suck his cock. Zarina duly obliged, sucking Joe’s cock afterwards as well. “Are you getting close yet?” Joel asked Joe. “Yea” he replied. Both guys started wanking their own knobs. Joel got Zarina to squeeze their balls and that was it…both guys dropped their hot white cum all over Zarina’s face. What an amazing ending to a great punt. Two loads over her pretty face. Joe asked Joel if he had enjoyed it. Of course he had! Then he asked Zarina who told him she loved every second of it.

If you are looking for a relaxed horny young couple in Manchester look no further than these two – they will give you a fantastic time at a bargain price. Highly recommended.

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Naughty Manc Couple of Manchester