Mandy Cinn of Wigan

Mandy Cinn
Date: Thursday 6 May 2010
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Car Park meet
Price: £140
Description: Sexy, kinky & naughty blonde Pornstar escort.

Election Day in the UK and what better way to spend the evening than forgetting about politics and having a punt! Only this was a punt with a difference as Pornstar escort Mandy Cinn offers a car park meet service. With the popularity of dogging this has become another service that some escorts will provide and Dan was keen to have a go. “Is it sex in a car or on it?” he asked Mandy. “Everywhere” she replied. “Sounds like fun” Dan said although he did check that they were not going to get caught. They had met at Mandy’s incall place and before heading out they had a chat. Mandy told Dan how she got into porn and they also discussed her tattoos (of which she has many).

They left Mandy’s place in Dan’s car. Mandy was now wearing glasses and Dan complimented her on them as they drove. He then asked if guys were allowed to cum on her glasses. Mandy said this turned her on. At the top of a hill heading out of Wigan, they turned left and headed down some narrow country lanes. Pulling up at a car park, they parked in a discreet corner and immediately started snogging.

Mandy went to undo Dan’s trousers but started struggling with the buttons. “I should have worn some with a zip,” said Dan as he helped removed them. There is more to this dogging than meets the eye! Once his cock was free Mandy popped it into her mouth and started sucking hard. She came up for a breather and said “Can you put your seat further back.” Oops another schoolboy error from the novice dogger! As Dan readjusted his seat she opened her door so she could make herself more comfortable on her seat. Then it was back to the OWO. “You’re good at that,” commented Dan as he pulled her skirt up. She was not wearing any knickers the naughty little minx. He stroked and fingered her pussy getting her ready for the main course.

Dan asked to see her tits. Mandy leaned up for a minute and pulled the top of her corset down to reveal a pair of small pert tits. He stroked them for a minute then they kissed some more. Mandy went back to sucking his cock. It was Dan who suggested they fuck. Mandy grabbed a condom from the top of her stocking and passed it to him. As Dan applied the rubber he suggested they start off having sex outside on the bonnet of the car. Clearly he was getting into dogging!

Mandy bent over the front of the car and pointed her cute arse towards Dan. He pushed his cock into her tight hole and started banging away. Dan told her to pull her cheeks apart so he could more easily see his knob going in and out of her. After a bit he turned her around, so she was now sitting on the bonnet of the car. His belt banged against the car as he kept up a good rhythm. They kissed some more as they fucked.

It was Dan who suggested they try fucking in the car next. Mandy lay back on the passenger front seat and spread her legs wide. “That looks fucking great,” said Dan as he inserted his cock inside her again. He encouraged her to play with her clit. She told him to fuck her harder. They were really getting into it now and that’s unfortunately when things took a turn for the worse. A car drove by several times, them pulled up and parked in front of them. Luckily it was not the police, but it was enough to unsettle Dan and they returned to Mandy’s incall place.

Back on the sofa Mandy apologised for them being rudely interrupted in the car park. “It’s never happened to me before” she explained. “Shall we get back into it then” said Dan “I was enjoying that before we were interrupted.” They kissed again and Dan removed the bottom half of his clothes. Many removed her skirt as well. She blew him some more. “I can see it better now” noted Dan. It had been a bit dark out in the car park. He fingered her pussy as she sucked him. Mandy sorted out a condom. She lent over the arm of the sofa and they fucked in doggy. Soon she was making very enthusiastic noises, obviously enjoying the pounding. “Do you like having your bum spanked?” asked Dan. Of course she did and he spanked it.

They switched to mish, Mandy laying on her back on the sofa. Dan went in hard and fast again. He was horny for it tonight. He asked about cumming on her glasses. She readily agreed and he whipped off the condom, but did not make it that far up her face. Instead he ended up squirting his cum on the top of her chest and chin. Still it was a good ending for him and a different kind of punt.

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Mandy Cinn of Wigan