Escort Marianne of Hull

Hull Escort Marianne Date: 25 September 2005
Time Spent: 1 hour.
Place: Outcall to my hotel.
Price: £200
Description: Intelligent & attractive escort in her early twenties with curly, shoulder-length hair and small tits.

I found Marainne on Adultwork but unfortunately a week after I filmed her she disappeared from that site and I’ve never been able to contact or find her again. I put the film to one side and forgot about it, until recent emails from Members asking to see me in action again prompted me to dig it out. I’m glad I did, as I can’t believe what a great session this was. Marianne offers all services - including being a human toilet as you will see - and everything is included in her fee, making her VGVFM. You can tell she loves sex, but she is a smart girl as well, being degree-educated. If you know where she is please contact me as I definitely need to see this escort again!

During a chat and drink I discovered Marianne had been escorting for three years while she had been at University in Liverpool studying politics. In her private life she goes dogging and she genuinely enjoys watersports and anal which is why both services are included in her fee. She also offers strip-tease, so I suggested we start off the session that way. I sat on a chair and Marianne leaned towards me and asked me to help undo her white blouse. She then stood up and removed it. Her black bra soon came off as well to reveal “her little bitch tits” as she called them. She came and sat on my lap and I sucked her nipples. Marianne’s brown skirt was quickly removed, but she was wearing black tights underneath, so she just had to pull these down for the moment. She pointed her perfect bottom towards me, neatly encased in nice black panties.

“I think it’s time something came out” said Marianne as she dropped to her knees and undid my trousers. She gently teased the end of my cock with her tongue and lips than asking if she could spit on it, did so when I agreed. Soon she was taking the whole lot in her mouth and sucking hard for some great OWO. “I love cock lollipop” she told me. The sucking kept on going and I was just sitting there enjoying the attention on my knob.

By now Marianne had got me so horny I just had to fuck her right there and then. She quickly applied a condom, pulled down her knickers and than sat on my cock with her tights still round her ankles. The fucking was fast and furious as the sexual tension had been building up between us. We fucked like this for a while, but then I told her I needed to stop because her vigorous bouncing up and down on me had made me want to pee. “I could be your toilet girl” she told me. Not quite sure what she meant I asked her how to do that. She knelt down in front of me and told me to just pee straight into her mouth. Interesting stuff, and something I’ve never tried before. I have to admit it felt a bit weird but I did manage to do it. Marianne gargled with my pee then swallowed it!

I suggested we take a quick break and we removed all our clothes and sat together naked on the sofa. As she sipped some more wine I stroked her body. This lead to me playing with her pussy and we moved to the bed so I could go down on her more comfortably. Marianne is completely shaved down below and has lovely shaped pussy lips. I peeled them apart and licked her out. She tasted good and seemed to enjoy the attentions of my tongue. Soon I was fingering her as well. “Play with my eager pussy” she told me. I got her to flip over so her arse was in the air and engaged in a spot of rimming. I asked if I could finger her arse, and this was no problem so I stuck a digit up her bottom. Then I tried DP with fingers, which she seemed to love. “My holes want you,” she said. Lovely!

I told Marianne I wanted to fuck her again. She stayed where she was I put on a condom and I entered her in doggy. It felt good to be back inside that tight pussy. As I pumped away she spurred me on shouting “fuck me.” I responded by sticking a finger up her arse (after telling her I was going to do this of course). Then I asked if she had a toy I could use in her bottom. She did, so we stopped for a minute while she grabbed it from her bag. I enjoyed pushing the toy into her bottom as I fucked her pussy. My cock and the toy were fighting for limited space so it got very tight. She was now being DP’d properly and cried out “fuck that’s good!” All this arse play had warmed her up for my cock. So I removed the toy and stuffed my member up her bottom. Blimey was it tight in there, but I pumped away and she seemed to really like it.

Usually when I’m fucking a girl in the arse she tells me when she wants to stop. With Marianne I could tell she could go on forever. So I had to suggest we go back to fucking in mish. I pulled my cock out her arse and asked if I should change the condom. “No I’ll clean it” she said, reaching down and licking and sucking my cock right after it had been in her arse. Now that’s dirty! This girl is incredible.

We fucked in mish for a short while, then I told her I was ready to shoot my load and wanted to do the cum in mouth which is included in her fee. She knelt before me one last time and gave me some more OWO. I told her to wank my cock hard as well. That did the trick and soon I was squirting my hot jiz into her open mouth. She showed it me in her mouth then swallowed the lot. No spitting from this girl! After we had finished she needed the loo again and lucky she did not mind the camera following her in there to watch!

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Escort Marianne of Hull