Maxine of Bristol

Date: Wednesday 19 November, 2003
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Incall
Price: £200
Description: Young-looking tiny 26 year old redhead with very small tits and long curly hair.

Oh dear…another poor punt. I'm having a hard time at the moment! I'd seen Maxine once before for an outcall to my hotel, and when she knows you, she'll then allow you to make an incall visit. Maybe this was the problem? To begin with it seemed as though she was not prepared for my visit, mentioning at one point that she hadn't expected me to turn up (even though I called to confirm the day before). Maxine seemed uncomfortable with me being at her place.

We started off with a chat and massage, during which Maxine asked me what other escorts I had been seeing. I never know how to answer this, and wish girls wouldn't ask. Surely they know we see different ladies? - it's part of the fun of buying sex! Maxine also kept saying how she'd hoped to hear from me sooner and checking I did want to be a regular. Pressure. It was all very odd, and seemed a little desperate.

The massage was ok, nothing special. Soon I was kissing and licking her small firm tits, which was much more enjoyable. Meanwhile Maxine reached for my cock and started to get it nice and hard; she then offered to lick it. Full oral without was not on the cards today, as disappointingly she had some mouth ulcers. The licking was nice though, and I also got a chance to play with her pussy. This led into me giving her oral. Maxine has rather protruding labia lips and is shaved. Her pussy tasted good and I started to enjoy myself. She seemed to be having a good time too and was quite creamy by the time I finished.

Next it was on with the condom. Maxine blew me properly this time, then I lay on my back and she climbed aboard. It was quite a tight fit and Maxine struggled to take in all of my prick. After a while she loosened up a bit and started to get into the ride, bouncing up and down with some vigour. She also moved around while on top, lifting one knee up to change the feel of her strokes, leaning back so she was wriggling on my balls as well. It was good, and I knew I couldn't hold out for much longer, so I suggested she wank me to completion. Maxine readily agreed, so it was off with the condom and I positioned myself between her legs. The idea was to cum over her tummy. However, she wanked me so hard that the first squirt shot out and hit her right in the eye, which I could tell she was not too pleased about! The rest landed all over her body, making a lovely mess.

Although I enjoyed the fuck I'm sorry to say I cannot really recommend Maxine. For the price she charges, it doesn't represent good value. In many small ways she displays an impatient attitude, the time we spent together was not that great and I felt some relief on leaving her place. Needless to say I will not be returning.

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Maxine of Bristol