Miss Class of Manchester

Date: Friday 21 June 2013
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Outcall
Price: £140
Description: Slim, tall, bubbly 23yo brunette.

Miss Sharlene Class was touring in Birmingham so an outcall to the apartment Joe was staying in was not an issue. It turns out she will travel for longer bookings anyway, so make an offer if you are interested in seeing her. It was a warm day and Sharlene arrived in a nice white summer dress. They sat on the sofa and chatted for a while about modelling, escorting and horse riding.

Joe ended the conversation by asking Sharlene to stand up and show off her legs. She is very tall! Naturally he got her to touch her toes! “A Kodak moment from behind” said Joe and quickly suggested they move to the bedroom. Sharlene initiated a snog as they stood by the bed. It’s great when an escort comes on to you like this. Joe knew it was going to be a good GFE session.

Joe removed his shirt and Sharlene started to take her dress off. She needed some help with this and turned around so Joe could unzip it. Underneath she was wearing white bra and panties. “Very nice” said Joe. Sharlene made herself comfortable on the bed while Joe removed the rest of his clothes. When he joined her Joe kissed and stroked Sharlene soon moving down to play with her pussy through her knickers. Moving them to one side he went down on her.

When Joe lay down on the bed beside her, Sharlene did not need telling what he wanted. She grabbed his cock and popped it in her mouth. She sucked hard. “That’s nice” gasped Joe. He was soon rock hard. Sharlene carried on with the OWO. Joe was in heaven. When she took a break Sharlene slowly wanked his cock. “You’re good with your hands as well” complimented Joe. “Not everyone’s good at wanking” he continued and then spoilt the earlier compliment by telling her she was a total wanker. Sharlene laughed.

Joe licked her pussy again. “That’s wet” he noted “I think you’re pussy got a bit juicy sucking cock” he continued as he frigged and licked her clit. She wanked his cock while he played with her pussy. Joe knelt up for another blow job but carried on playing with her as well. He soon wanted to ride her and she grabbed a condom from the bedside table.

Sharlene got on all fours and Joe pushed her white panties aside and entered her from behind. “You getting a little gallop on?” he asked jokingly as Sharlene shook her booty on his hard cock. He slapped her arse as she worked. “You’ve got some moves” Joe noted. He presumed it was from the horse riding! When she started to slow down, he took over pinning her to the bed and fucking her hard. She gasped with pleasure.

“Let’s get you on top then” said Joe, suggesting she remove her shoes. At first she faced him, and squat fucked. He played with her clit. Joe soon got her to turn around – he just loves looking at girls arses. He asked her to squat fuck again and she happily did so. “That’s a view I like” declared Joe. She slammed him hard but he loved it.

Joe turned the position into spoons, admiring her long legs as he fucked her. After resting beside her Joe altered the position slightly, kneeling up to be right above her arse. “That’s a cute bum hole you’ve got there” said Joe. He pounded her, before switching it to mish by getting Sharlene to put both legs over her head. This was another Kodak moment for Joe. He banged Sharlene hard, penetrating deep, but she loved it.

Joe took Sharlene’s bra off pointing out that he wanted to finish by cumming over her tits. He sucked her nipples before pumping away some more. Suddenly he pulled out, removed the condom and knelt up by Sharlene’s face. She started sucking him, but he quickly started wanking his own cock and in a few seconds he came, splattering her chest with his white spunk. “Thank you very much” he said, kissing her as he lept off the bed to clean up.

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