Mistress Amber Leigh of London

Mistress Amber Leigh of London Date: Saturday 25 July 2009
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Incall
Price: £150
Description: Professional mistress who offers non sex-service to sub males.

I have filmed some fetish / BDSM action before but ever since Max Mosley made getting a spanking respectable I had been looking to film a full on session. The problem has always been finding a slave who would be filmed. Luckily Mistress Amber solved this problem for me, as she has a regular slave who enjoys being filmed.

Mistress Amber instructed the slave to crawl into the room on his hand and knees. He had to sit before his Mistress and was instructed to strip naked, but making sure he folded his clothes neatly. Once naked the slave had to do some boot worshipping, as he was told what a dirty little dog he was. The insults kept coming as the slave carried on the tongue action.

“I think you need to be spanked slave” said Mistress Amber as she put on a black leather glove and got him to bend over. She spanked him hard on his buttocks. “What is it your enjoy most about being my bitch?” Mistress asked. “Just being in your presence Mistress” replied the slave. “Being in my presence is an honour for you isn’t it?” she continued. “Yes mistress” he replied. “I think your bottom needs a paddling as well” Mistress stated. As she picked up the said instrument she instructed the slave to count out loud. Down came the paddle hard on his backside. “One Mistress” he said. On the count of fifteen you could see it was starting to hurt. But Mistress had no sympathy and carried on to twenty. His arse was red by now.

The slave was instructed to stand. Mistress grabbed some pegs and started to apply them to his bollocks and one each to his nipples. “Your body is mine I own you” Mistress stated. “If I chose to cause you pain and suffering I can do,” she continued, flicking the pegs to prove her point. The slave was told to bend over again and picking up a paddle Mistress started tapping his balls with it. This made the slave whimper and she spanked him hard on the bottom for being so useless at taking pain.

Picking up a riding crop Mistress now used it to flick the pegs on the slaves nipples. You could see him visibly flinch. “Does that hurt?” she asked. “Yes Mistress” replied the slave. She flicked them harder – so hard in fact they flew off his nipples. Mistress turned her attention to the pegs on his balls and flicked them now. Then it was back to his nipples, which she pinched and twisted now. He gasped in pain as she continued to apply the pressure. Mistress returned to the balls and hit the pegs hard with a whip. This reached a pain threshold of eight on the slaves scale. The pegs were now removed letting the blood rush back in.

The slave was instructed to stand in front of Mistress again. She got him to hold up his useless piece of meat (his cock). Mistress grabbed his balls hard and twisted them. She then dug her nails into them. The slave gasped in pain. The riding crop was now used again. The slave whined again. “Shut up” snapped Mistress. “I don’t want to hear you moaning and whimpering…I’d buy a dog if I wanted to hear that.” For punishment she decided to abuse his arse.

Mistress put on some surgical gloves. She picked up a vibrator and instructed the slave to bend right over and put his arse up in the air “like a dirty dog on heat”. She teased the end of his bum hole with the vibrator. “It’s going to hurt isn’t it?” she announced. The toy was pushed up his back entrance. “A very tight arsehole you have there” declared Mistress. She kept up the abusive talk as she continued her work. As she removed the gloves Mistress told the slave how disgusting and pathetic he was.

It was now time for some more bottom thrashing, this time with a cat of nine tails. “I want those cheeks to be raw and red and sore….I want your journey home to be a very uncomfortable one…I want you to have stand up the whole way because your arse is so sore”. The slave’s bottom reddened as she continued the flogging. He started to groan in pain.

“Lie down on the floor…I wish to walk up and down on you” instructed Mistress. She started off by applying pressure with one boot, the stiletto heel digging into his skin. Then she stood on him and he had to take her whole weight. The slave whimpered in pain. The boots left nice black marks all over his back with deep “hole” impressions where the heels had been. As he lay on the floor she flogged him some more.

Mistress wanted a cigarette now so she made the slave collect them on his hands and knees from the kitchen table. He had to hold the ash try in his hand as she enjoyed a puff. “Pathetic and useless is what you are” she said to the slave. The vocal abuse continued as she smoked. The slave was then instructed to lie on the floor on his back. It was time for some more trampling. He moaned and whimpered as she stood on him. He was struggling to take the pain – interesting stuff. Mistress moved on to his cock and trampled on that next, squashing it underneath her boot. Some more cock & ball torture followed. She squeezed his bollocks hard, using them like a stress ball.

The salve was told to kneel up again and a crop was used on his arse. He was told to count them again, but by the time he got to six it was starting to hurt badly. She carried on and he was struggling to take the pain as the count reached sixteen. The lashing continued up to thirty and he had red welts across his bottom. “Well done slave, you can kiss my boots again.” He was instructed to get his belongings and crawl out on his knees.

Afterwards as Amber enjoyed another cigarette I interviewed her. She has been doing dom sessions for two to three years now and got into it by filming for ball busting universe and a couple of other sites. After the filming Amber got a taste for it and started going to fetish clubs. She gained experience from slaves coming up to her and asking to do things and decided to run private sessions. Punters should note Amber strictly does a non-sex service (some Mistresses do different things, like letting a slave wank in front of them). Amber is on one of the sex channels and does dom calls as well. Her favourite thing is ball busting (CBT). So if you are into that she is definitely one to book. You will also find her at several of the fetish club nights that are on in London so there is always the chance of meeting her there. Fascinating session.

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Mistress Amber Leigh of London