Trinity of Rochdale

Date: Tuesday 2 November 2004
Time Spent: 2 hours.
Place: Incall at her bungalow.
Price: £225.
Description: Slim, sexy, fresh-faced 20 year-old with shoulder-length black hair and piercing blue eyes.

Trinity widely advertises that she offers a schoolgirl role-play scenario and for a good reason. The fact she is so young and slim means she makes an extremely convincing schoolgirl. Actually at times I felt like I should be arrested for acting out this fantasy with her. The other good thing about Trinity is the number of services she offers - the list of things she will do is phenomenal, so she represents great value.

Trinity's incall premises are of an exceptionally high standard and her maid makes you very welcome. Trinity also does her best to ensure your stay with her is a pleasant experience. We started off by chatting with a drink in the lounge, before Trinity led me through to the bedroom while she went off to change into her school uniform. She came back with her hair in bunches wearing a white shirt, red/black striped tie, short black skirt, white socks and shoes. Perfect! Trinity knocked on the door and I called her into the Headmaster's office (aka the bedroom). I told her she had been spotted with boys behind the bike sheds. She admitted the charge so I bent her over my knee, revealing her regulation white underwear, and spanked her bottom for being a naughty girl. After some mild spanking I took the opportunity to fiddle with her delightful pussy. She told me there was a rumour around the girls in her class that I was a pervert. This is another nice thing about Trinity - she can stay in character and come up with some good ideas of her own.

Next Trinity offered to show me what she did with the boys behind the bike sheds. She undid my shirt and trousers, getting me naked and then started to lick my dick giving me OWO. After a while I played with her pussy while she continued to blow me. This time around I stuck 2 fingers up her as well. Trinity herself suggested I try 3 fingers, the rude little Miss! and sure enough she took that well for such a slender young thing. I told her it was time to sit on my cock so she reached for a condom and put it on skilfully using her mouth. Then as I lay flat Trinity straddled me spreading herself wide across my body so I could see everything. She allowed me to penetrate her slowly but was soon enthusiastically bouncing up and down on my cock. During the fucking I unbuttoned her blouse to see her breasts. There was hardly anything there, adding authenticity to the experience, but she has great nipples.

I wanted to try a different position and so we moved into doggy. During this Trinity piped up "Come on Sir, fuck me!" so I took the opportunity to really speed up the tempo and give her a good seeing-to. What a bad girl. I also spanked her a little while taking her in this position. Then I suddenly remembered she offers A-Levels, all included, so I suggested putting a finger in her tight little arse. Trinity cheekily agreed, I gently slipped it in and she said it felt good. I could actually feel my own prick sliding in and out of her pussy - lovely experience. Trinity's cute arsehole looked so inviting that next I asked if I could really put my cock up there? She agreed, but said she would need some more lube first. So she dropped her white knickers, we dowsed her in extra lube then I carefully squeezed my dick right up there. I have to say Trinity is the first girl I've fucked in the bum who could take it that well. I was surprised, she looks so innocent!

By this time I was getting well over-excited so I decided it was time to cum. On finishing the anal the condom was a bit messy, so I withdrew to the ensuite bathroom to freshen up before continuing. I chose to finish by kneeling beside her while Trinity gave me a vigorous hand-job, looking up at me with her big blue eyes as she wanked me off into her mouth, and then swallowed the lot. Wow!

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Trinity of Rochdale