Mystique of Middlesbrough

Date: Tuesday 3 February 2015
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Incall .
Price: £120
Description: Tall, slim, redheaded English lass who offers the “Best Blow in Boro”!

Before the report we have some information from our UK film. Apparently this punt nearly did not happen. Mystique had been great at communication prior to the arrival of our film crew and punter at her incall place. Suddenly there was no reply to doorbell or phone. Luckily the persistent punter John never gave up hope and eventually he got hold of Mystique. She had fallen back asleep and was sorry for the silence at the critical hour. Just goes to show if the escort is not responding it is sometimes worthwhile not giving up hope!

Once John was eventually inside Mystique’s flat he was shown through to the bedroom. They sat on the bed and chatted. Mystique is a Middlesbrough lass – born and bred. She has been escorting independently since July 2014, but she did work for an agency before that. She got into it as she loves sex. John asked about the sex parties Mystique runs – watch the video to hear details of these.

“How tall are you?” asked John. “Five foot ten” replied Mystique. He got her to stand up. She towered above him. John asked her to give him a twirl. “Wow you are model material” exclaimed John. They sat back down and John nervously asked if it was OK to start with a kiss. Mystique snogged him and started undoing his shirt. She suggested he make himself comfortable on the bed. John stripped down to his boxers and did just that. Mystique climbed on top and kissed him, before working her way down to his nether regions.

Mystique removed John’s boxers - he already had a stiffy! She licked his balls with her pierced tongue. Moving on to his hard cock Mystique licked her way up the shaft before teasing the head. Popping it in her mouth she sucked hard. Mystique twisted her head while sucking to increase the sensation. “You’re certainly very good at this” noted John. “Thank you” replied Mystique “I love it” she continued. She carried on with the OWO switching between licking his balls/shaft and sucking hard.

“God you’re a mind reader” said John as Mystique lent up, undid her negligee and pulled it down to reveal a small pair of neat tits. John immediately knelt up to examine them. After kissing again he sucked and licked her nipples. She played with his cock as he did so. After John had finished Mystique knelt down and sucked his cock some more. You can tell she loves oral.

“I think you have done enough for me” said John “do you want to lie down and I will return the compliment?” Mystique did so removing her negligee and black panties so she was completely naked. She opened her legs wide and John dined at the Y for a while. He asked if he could use fingers and she agreed. John suggested they do sixty-nine and Mystique agreed. She climbed on top and sucked his cock some more. At the other end John licked her pussy.

It was not long before John was suggesting Mystique sort out a condom. Once bagged she climbed on top. “Oh that’s nice and tight” noted John as they fucked. Mystique is energetic on top. “Oh that’s good” gasped John. Sensing he was in danger of cumming early Mystique slowed it down. She soon suggested they switch to doggy and John was happy to do this. He enjoyed grabbing on to her arse as they fucked in this position.

“How about doing a bit of missionary” suggested John. Mystique was happy to change and quickly flipped over. John got between her legs and teased her pussy lips with his cock before inserting it deep inside her. Mystique gasped as he pounded her. “Oh that’s so good” noted John. She seemed to be enjoying it too, especially when John played with her clit while his cock was inside her. John changed the position slightly putting one of Mystique’s long legs over his shoulder. He was enjoying watching his cock go in and out of her shaven haven.

Suddenly John gasped “Gosh I’m ready to cum. Where can I cum?” Mystique suggested over her face. Well it would be rude not to! John pulled out, removed the condom and knelt up beside her face. “Do you want to do the honours” he said. Mystique took over sucking and wanking his cock.

Unfortunately the wanking was not quite to John’s liking so he took over. He got Mystique to tickle his balls and that did the trick. John shot his white hot spunk over her left cheek and into her open mouth. “Thank you very much” said John. “Any time” replied Mystique. John went off to freshen up in the bathroom before heading home after another fine punt.

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