Nancy of Leeds & London

Date: Thursday 14 September 2006
Time Spent: 1 hour.
Place: Outcall to my hotel room.
Price: £250.
Description: Attractive and friendly, slim 22 year old, with lovely long legs. Educated to A-Level! Pierced tongue and some tattoos.

Although I was in Leeds Nancy came to my attention via a London escort agency. Their escorts are often on tour round the country so if you are in a major city it’s worth giving them a call. During a drink and a chat I discovered Nancy had only been working for this agency for 6 weeks and normally she is based in London. She also does porn work, although she is fairly new to that and has only worked for Playboy so far.

My hotel room was the honeymoon suite and had a large two-person whirlpool bath so I suggested we start off having a bath together. It took a while to fill the bath up. Once Nancy was in, she poured out some foaming bath oil, I started up the whirlpool and we were soon covered in foam. Nancy took this opportunity to gently stroke my legs and then feel my knob. Her gently caresses soon had it rock hard. What a pleasant way to spend a Thursday afternoon. I knelt up in the bath and started touching her tits and then we kissed. She wanked me some more then popped my cock into her mouth for some OWO. Nancy made good use of her pierced tongue taking the time to lick the head of my knob with it and looking me straight in the eyes while doing so – fantastic!

I got Nancy to sit up in the seat that formed the corner of the bath. This was the perfect height for going down on her – probably exactly what the designer had in mind. I noticed her pussy was completely shaved as I started the tongue-action. From her gentle moans I could tell Nancy was enjoying this. I asked if I could put a finger in her. “Maybe” she said as she beat me to it and inserted her own finger up her hole. I added my own and we finger-fucked her. Nancy moved on to fondling her tits while I continued the pussy play. Then I suggested we head out to the bedroom.

Once on the bed the action re-commenced with some kissing and another fine blowjob. This girl likes sucking cock. Nancy lay down and we naturally moved into sixty-nine. I licked and fingered her pussy again, then I hopped off and suggested we do some fucking. Nancy went and grabbed her bag, returning to the bed with various bit and pieces. One of the packets I had never seen before. It turned out to contain a little vibrator for men. Nancy takes these on every job. The condom went on first, then the little vibrator was switched on, and the ring put round my cock and placed near the base. It was certainly an interesting sensation.

We started off fucking in mish. It felt great having Nancy’s long legs wrapped around me as I fucked her. The little vibrator was not really doing anything for me, but Nancy’s hand was as she reached round and gently felt my. I love it when girls do that. She was certainly lively in the sack and I pumped away hard and fast. Nancy responded with loud screams and at one point seemed to cum. I suggested we change position and collapsed for a rest on the bed. Nancy hopped on top of me and started riding my cock. She was very energetic, bouncing up and down with vigour. This girl enjoys fucking! For a short while she even squat-fucked me. It was during this I asked “do you wanna try anal?” Nancy replied “do you want to?” Of course I did, especially as it’s included in the price! We discussed the best position for her to do it and she felt doggy would be easiest.

Nancy get on all fours and started fingering her arse. I took off the male vibrator and then put my cock in her pussy to start with. After a few seconds I took it out and told her to try shoving it up her arse. She grabbed my cock and together we eased it into her tight bum hole. Wow was it tight. Once safely in I pumped away, fucking her bottom. The feeling was sensational and Nancy seemed to like it as well! This girl really does seem to be a nymphomaniac.

The fact I was fucking a cute, young girl up the arse soon had me close to cumming, so I asked Nancy if I could finish over her tits. No problem! Off came the condom, Nancy lay down on the bed and I knelt beside her. After a few minutes of her wonderful oral and a vigorous hand job I was dumping my semen all over her left tit. Nice ending to another good punt.

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