Naughty Nat & Katelin of Loughborough

Naughty nat
Date: Wednesday 28 July 2010
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Outcall
Price: £180
Description: Nat: Slim, 24 year old brunette, Katelin: Curvy 21 year old blonde.

It’s always nice to re-connect with an escort who once appeared on and then disappeared. Nat was last escorting at The Fun Place in Birmingham under the name Sophie. She then left for Spain and has just returned to the UK about three months ago. Nat is now an independent escort working from a friend’s house in Loughborough near the train station. She also has a duo partner called Katelin who is 21 and used to work at Bunnies in Leicester.

Joel chatted to the girls in the living room of the apartment he had rented. After discussing where they were working he asked about their bi experiences. Suitably turned on by the sexy chat he suggested moving things into the bedroom. Joel decided to watch the girls for a while and made himself comfortable on a chair at the end of the bed. The girls climbed on to the bed and started undressing each other. Nat had matching pink underwear while Katelin had black. Both girls had black hold-ups on.

Nat kicked things off by removing Katelin’s bra and paying her tits some attention. Then Katelin returned the favour. The girls kissed. Nat removed her underwear revealing a neatly shaved pussy and Katelin went down on her. Nat told Joel it was easy to make Katelin cum and asked if he wanted to see that. Of course he did! The girls swapped places. Nat started off with some kissing, then licked Katelin’s tits. She opened her legs wide and went down on her using her pierced tongue to good effect on Katelin’s clit.

“Do you want to come and join in?” Nat said to Joel. He did not need a second invite and jumped on the bed between both girls. They helped undress him. “Oh he’s nice and hard already,” exclaimed Nat. Who wouldn’t be after their lesbian show? The girls offered Joel a massage so once naked he lay face down on the bed. Nat paid particular attention to his bottom licking it and his balls. Meanwhile Katelin gently caressed his body with her hands.

They got Joel to turn over. He immediately started tasting Katelin’s titties. He moved on to Nat’s and Katelin gave him a hand job. Katelin asked if he wanted his blow job with or without condom. “Without’s always good” replied Joel. Katelin got to work sucking his cock hard. Meanwhile Nat kissed Joel, them moved back down to join in the OWO. Nothing like having two girls suck your knob, one after the other! Joel was in heaven!

They tried a three-way kiss, then Katelin sucked Joel off again while Nat went down on her pussy. Nat liked the look of this so they switched around with her in the middle. Nat suggested it was time for some fucking and Joel elected to have her first. She bagged his cock, then climbed on top of him starting out with some squat fucking. “You’ve got a tight pussy,” noted Joel. Katelin was lying alongside Joel and those two kissed as Nat bounced up and down. Then Joel suggested Katelin lick his balls and she duly obliged. “God that feels good” said Joel.

“If you take my doggy style I can like Katelin’s pussy at the same time” suggested Nat. Joel agreed and they switched positions. He entered her tight pussy once again and pounded away. Nat played with her own clit as he fucked her. Then the girls kissed and fondled each other. Joel suggested Katelin lie underneath Nat so she called lick his balls and Nat’s fanny. This also provided the perfect position for Joel to take his cock out of Nat's pussy and put it straight in Katelin's mouth. She sucked it hard gobbling down the taste of Nat's juices. Joel then shoved it straight back into Nat's pussy and carried on banging her. "God that is so good" he exclaimed.

"You guna give Katelin a good fucking?" asked Nat. Of course Joel was! He changed condoms. Katelin lay back on the bed and spread her legs wide. Joel dived in between and pushed his cock up her. "That' another tight pussy" he declared. Joel pumped away while Nat encouraged him. She then played with Katelin's clit. Joel moved into the spoons position and Katelin went down on Nat then played with her tits.

Nat suggested Joel put Katelin back in mish. He did this and Nat sat on Katelin's face. Joel continued pumping away hard while Nat told Katelin to lick her pussy. After a while he tired and suggested Katelin go on top. He got her to face away from him. This allowed Nat to lick his balls as they fucked. She soon turned her attention to Katelin's pussy as well. Nat decided to sit on Joel's face next. He enjoyed having two girls on top of him. Ah the joys of a threesome!

Joel decided it was time to cum. "Where do you wanna cum?" asked Nat. Joel decided over both their faces. They removed the condom and started wanking and sucking his knob. Joel told the girls to get ready for some cum and they moved to the end of the bed. He stood above both girls and they continued working on his cock. It did not take long. “You girls read for this?” asked Joel. Nat wanked him hard and the first load landed on her face. Then Joel took over squirting the next bit on Katelin. Then we sprayed the remaining spunk between the two girls. "Did you like that?" asked Nat. "Oh yes" replied Joel "that was fantastic...that is definitely recommended". They all thanked each other for a great session of three-way sex.

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Naughty Nat & Katelin of Loughborough