Nina of Birmingham and Jade of Nottingham

Date: Sunday 6 March 2005
Time Spent: 2 hours.
Place: Outcall to hotel.
Price: £600.
Description: Nina: stylish 22 year-old former dancer, long blonde hair, clear blue eyes, slim and very tanned. Jade: mischievous 24 year-old model, short bobbed shiny blonde hair, petite figure and deep brown eyes.

Hiring a hot duo for an evening's fun is surely one of the most popular punting fantasies. Joel was really excited to have secured a date with two of the Midlands' sexiest, petite young blondes, but was nervous as to whether he would actually be able to handle them.

The girls arrived bang on time looking absolutely stunning, both in glamorous black outfits, stockings and heels. Jade wore a striking off-the-shoulder number with black leather boots, while Nina had high strappy sandals and a sleeveless dress revealing a hint of the laced satin ribbon on her bra underneath. Most alluring. The girls took a seat on the sofa, while Joel organised some drinks. Then he gave the girls each their fee and sat near them for an initial chat. Nina kicked off by asking Joel a bit about himself. He asked Jade about her glamour modelling career and Nina about her lap-dancing exploits and the varied international venues she once worked in. Soon the conversation moved on to discussing the girls' bisexual tendencies. Joel confessed he was a bit nervous about this whole thing but the girls told him not to worry and that he would be just fine. To make him feel more at home they suggested he came and sat between them on the sofa.

As soon as Joel sat down the girls started stroking him, and Jade loosened him up by undoing his shirt. They both stroked his chest, then Jade kissed him right full-on with tongues and everything! Once the first kiss was done he barely had time to speak before next Nina locked lips with him. Then before he knew it both girls kissed each other just inches from Joel's face. While Nina snogged Joel some more, Jade carefully undid his trousers and got his already erect cock out in her hand. Immediately she bent her head down to get his manhood in her mouth and soon Nina was licking his balls too. Heaven! Then both girls licked up and down his shaft, giving the knob a particularly good tongue-lashing. Nina took over giving Joel some solo oral, which he really seemed to enjoy. Jade joined back in and both girls gave his dick a right good seeing to, swopping to and fro sucking on it - what a sight! Then the girls took it in turns to alternately kiss Joel and suck his cock. All this close attention from two raunchy ladies was too much for Joel so he asked them to stop before he blew his load too soon. He suggested they give him a duo show instead.

Jade and Nina willingly moved over to settle on the bed and immediately started stroking and kissing one another, making sure Joel had a good view of the proceedings. Jade pulled down the straps of Nina's tight dress to reveal an expensive-looking black gauze bra edged with delicate mauve ribbon. Nina pulled up Jade's skirt to expose her bottom and thin black g-string. While Jade removed the rest of Nina's dress she told Joel how soft Nina's skin was. We found Nina was wearing lace-top stockings and matching lingerie suspenders. She looked so fabulous with her long blonde hair and neat tanned body in all that classic underwear. Jade's skirt came off to reveal she was wearing black hold-ups, and when her top half came off, she did not have any bra on at all, so her small, perky tits were instantly on show! Nina quickly dived in and started licking and sucking Jade's pert nipples. At this point Jade beckoned Joel over to the bed to get a closer look at the action. He didn't need a second invite! Jade slipped Nina's boobs out from her bra and started paying them some attention, then both the girls played with each other's breasts. Jade pushed Nina back to lie on the bed, spread her legs and started to stroke her pussy through Nina's black gauze g-string. Jade removed Nina's thong to find a neatly shaved pussy with natural blonde pubes. Then Jade went down on Nina; she seemed to know exactly what to do with her tongue as Nina was soon groaning with satisfaction. Nina reciprocated the attention by pulling off Jade's string to show a very cute fully shaven haven and then going down on her too. Both girls seemed really into each other's pussies. It's always good seeing how girls lick out each other and Joel's attention was truly captivated.

It was now time for a bit of a toy show. Jade pulled a large double-ended black dildo from her bag and some lube which she spread first over her own hands, then over Nina's minge. The girls kissed some more and then Jade nuzzled the dildo against Nina's fanny lips and pushed it right inside. Getting closer up to Nina by straddling her thighs, next Jade slid the other end of the naughty toy into her own naked wet slit and both girls started fucking with it. They put quite some energy into it and did seem to be getting off on it. Joel was riveted by this totally rude display and came even closer for a better view. The girls asked if he was ready to join them again now? He readily agreed and so the girls scrambled over to him on all fours and started paying his cock some more attention. After sucking him a bit, Jade suggested Joel play with the two girls' pussies at the same time. Both girlies knelt displaying their arses towards Joel and he first started fingering Nina. While he did this the girls kissed and stroked each other. After playing a little with Nina's clit, Joel inserted two fingers inside her and finger-fucked her. Jade was next, although Joel was careful to use his other hand so as not to cross the girls' juices. Now with a girl on each arm Joel finger-fucked the duo simultaneously. Awesome! As the girls carried on stroking and kissing each other Nina's hand wandered across to Joel's dick and gently stroked it.

Having just kissed Nina, Jade announced "I think she wants your cock". Joel was more than happy to oblige. Whilst Nina kissed Joel he lay down relaxed and ready and Jade put a condom on him. Nina climbed astride him and gently started fucking. Meanwhile at the other end, Jade sat over Joel's face. Death by two blondes! Nina wriggled around on top of Joel for a while and you could just tell her pussy must feel so good. At the same time the saucy ladies were fondling and kissing each other making a delightful triangle (I'll be honest, I was struggling to hold the camera steady!). After a while Nina said "Now I want you to fuck me from behind". Jade stayed where she was but lay back comfortably on the bed, Nina knelt on all fours and went down on Jade whilst wantonly presenting her ripe little behind towards our man. Joel fingered Nina's pussy again and smeared the juices on his cock, then smoothly entered her from behind to complete the daisy-chain. He fucked her gently and slowly so she could eat out Jade at the same time, but then he just couldn't resist speeding up to a hard pumping against her firm butt. After witnessing this Jade enquired if Joel wasn't going to give her some of his cock too?

Jade put a fresh rubber on Joel then laid herself down like a centrefold, in the middle of the bed. Joel lay in spoons close behind Jade and penetrated her pussy with his still-hard prick, lifting her thigh up high for ease of entry. Nina watched it go fully in then kissed Jade and played with her titties. Then Nina relocated around to the back, behind Joel and started to stroke him sensually as he fucked little minx Jade at the same time as frigging Nina with one hand. Thus Joel was the meat in the awesome blonde sandwich! He seemed to really enjoy having one girl caress him as he banged the other. After shagging Jade for a while, she moved position and sat on top of Joel to squat-fuck him further. While this was going on Nina played with her own pussy and kissed Joel. This was all too much for the guy so when Jade asked him if he was ready to cum, he admitted he was. Jade proposed he cum over both girls' bare tits, so they figured out he should perch himself above them standing up at the bedhead and the girls knelt facing each other close in front of him. Jade started off wanking Joel, then she sucked him, before passing Joel's knob over for Nina to have a gobble. Jade licked Joel's balls while Nina was still blowing him and with some vigorous wanking from Jade he finally let go and came right over their tits.

Phew! An exhausting action-packed session with two well-matched gorgeous blondes. If you're looking for a sizzling duo, the evidence suggests it would indeed be worth booking Nina and Jade!

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Nina of Birmingham and Jade of Nottingham