Nook of Dorset

Date: Saturday 3 December 2011
Time Spent: 2 hours
Place: Incall.
Price: £150
Description: Fun, friendly Thai lady in her 30s.

Nook offers limited incalls as she prefers outcalls to hotels in her area. Joe was lucky enough to secure an incall visit with her and when he arrived he was shown up to the bedroom. They sat on the edge of the bed and kissed. Joe asked if a massage was on offer. "Yes I give Thai massage" replied Nook. As Joe got undressed they chatted. Nook is from near Laos and has been in England for 13 years. She told Joe her English is not good but she seemed to be getting on fine.

When Joe was naked he lay face down on the bed. Nook stood up and removed her red dress. She was totally naked underneath. Guess Thai women don't go in for underwear! "I do massage for you OK?" Nook said as she climbed in between Joe’s legs and started to knead his muscles. She explained her massages can sometimes be quite hard and he should say if it was too much. They carried on chatting as Nook worked. It was a proper Thai massage, not the uninspired rub down that is often dispensed as a massage in the UK. Nook kept checking Joe was OK as she worked - very thoughtful these Thai ladies. "Oh this takes me back" said Joe. He has visited Thailand and simply loves the place as well as Thai women. Nook asked Joe to turn over and worked on his front - again with a proper Thai massage technique.

Nook stopped massaging and said to Joe "OK...ready?" Taking his rising cock in her hand she started wanking it. It hardened rapidly under her touch. Nook continued the hand job. Eventually Joe could take no more. "Oh...suck it..." he gasped. Nook moved her hair to one side, bent down and started sucking his knob with a long deep motion. She used her hand at the same time for maximum effect. "Oh yea...that's gorgeous" gasped Joe. Nook paid good attention to his balls as well. When she licked them Joe suddenly noticed her tongue pierced. Nook carried on with the OWO and Joe told her to suck it deep. When she came up for a breather he took the opportunity to feel her tits and get a kiss. He then told her to suck his cock some more. She happily obliged.

“Do you want me to lick your pussy?” asked Joe. Nook agreed and they switched positions on the bed. After checking with Nook it was OK to use fingers he inserted a digit up her while teasing her clit. Then he went down on her. “Oh that’s a sweet pussy” said Joe as he re-surfaced for a breather. Nook suggested they do sixty-nine so they moved into that position. Joe took the opportunity to really ram his cock hard into her mouth. Nook was nearly gagging on it, but took it well. When they broke from this position her eyes were certainly watering from his actions.

Joe suggested it was time for a condom and Nook sorted one out. They started off fucking in doggy. Joe always likes to admire a girl’s bottom as he enters her. “Oh too big” said Nook as Joe pushed his cock home and started banging her. She seemed to get used to it though and he could increase the pounding. Soon she was saying “Yes fuck me.” Joe complimented her on such good English! Nook changed the position slightly by sliding her legs between Joes and sitting up on her knees. This gave him the opportunity to grab her tits. She rocked back and forth on his cock as he played with them. “That’s a new one on me” said Joe. Nook returned to the all fours more conventional doggy position and he fucked her hard again.

When he was starting to tire Joe suggested Nook go on top. During the change over she sucked his cock some more before jumping on top of him and shoving his knob back up her pussy. She quickly moved into the squat fucking position and Joe took to feeling her clit as she bounced up and down on his cock. “Oh that’s good…very tight pussy” said Joe. He suggested Nook turn around so he could admire her bum. Instead of standing up off his cock to reposition herself Nook just spun around with Joe’s cock still inside her. Neat little trick – these Thai ladies are amazing. Joe squeezed her bum cheeks as she fucked him. Then he got her to squat fuck him again.

Suddenly Nook stopped for a minute. She removed Joe’s cock from her pussy and then pushed it up her bum hole. “Oh fuck…oh shit…I wasn’t expecting that” gasped Joe as she bounced up and down with his knob up her arse. Joe loves anal sex and could not believe he got it without even asking for it. Nook spun around on top of him again, still with his cock in her arse. He pounded her hard from below and she gasped with pleasure. What a great fuck this was. Joe slowed down and played with her pussy at the same time. “Where’s my cock?” he asked. “Fucking my arse” replied Nook. Indeed it was.

The fucking naturally slowed down and Joe confessed he was ready to cum. They agreed he could cum over Nook’s face. Joe stood up besides the bed. Nook knelt in front of him and started giving him OWO. “Am I gunna cum in your sweet little mouth Nook?” asked Joe. “Yes” she replied and he told her to suck his cock dry. When she switched to using her hand as well he quickly got close to the edge. “I can feel the cum…cumming” gasped Joe. Nook wanked and sucked him harder. He fired his cum into the back of her mouth almost gagging her. Some dropped out of her mouth and landed on her tits. She coughed as his spunk trickled down the back of her throat. Afterwards she rubbed the spunk into her tits. Joe thanked her for a great session.

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Nook of Dorset