Paige of Hertfordshire

Paige of Hertfordshire Date: Wednesday 15 July 2009
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Incall
Price: £250
Description: Pretty, sexy blonde with fit body & fantastic personality.

I arrived at Paige’s incall place before the punter, so she gave me a quick tour. Her listing mentions it is a “fab 5 star luxury apartment” so I was keen to see it. Must say I was very impressed. There is very large lounge, smart modern kitchen with mini bar, good-sized bathroom with bubble bath and a two-person walk in shower, comfortable bedroom and a “wardrobe” room full of different outfits, clothes and shoes. We stayed in this last room for a while as Paige got changed into a sexier outfit and I chatted to her.

As we were in a room full of clothes I started off by asking what outfits Paige can dress up in. Turns out there are a lot to chose from - schoolgirl, secretary, French maid, milk maid, bride, naughty nurse, etc. – and I could tell from the short time that I had been with Paige that she would be excellent at role-play. She’s a very chatty and intelligent girl with a lovely personality. While Paige removed her top to reveal a lovely pair of pert tits I asked about her modelling. It turns out she has appeared in Maxim magazine! She is also a lap dancer and still works at Stringfellows.

The interview continued. Paige has been escorting for 3 years. She started off working for an agency in London but she found that too clinical so she quickly went independent. The agency had placed an advert for “glamorous actresses required” in the stage. When answering the advert she was told it was escorting – she had thought about that before, was broke, so decided to give it a go. Paige is genuinely bi-sexual and she found that out via escorting because her first job was a two-girl booking. The other escort was so impressed with Paige she wanted to book her! This girl must be real good at licking pussy. Paige escorts with her current girlfriend – so you just know that a two-girl booking with her has got to be up there as the ultimate lesbian love fest. Paige can also provide another guy if you want that spit-roasting experience. Finally there is out door fun on offer as well.

Our interview was interrupted by the arrival of the punter – Monty. Paige led him through to the large living room and offered him a drink. The money was quickly taken care of and then they sat chatting. The action kicked off when Paige reached across touched Monty’s knee and said “how about a little kiss then?” He readily agreed and Paige moved next to him on the sofa and gave him a snog. “Oh you are a good kisser,” she told Monty as she straddled him for some more tongue action.

They started undressing each other. Paige removed her top to reveal her wonderful perky breasts. She pulled Monty closer and started giving him OWO as he continued to unbutton his shirt. “Oh it’s growing,” laughed Paige. Needless to say Monty’s cock was soon rock hard from her attentions. “I do love to suck cock,” declared Paige. Monty decided to check out her pussy. Paige lay down on the sofa and he dived between her legs and licked her out. “You’re getting me all wet baby,” said Paige “you’re so good at that” she continued. “Do you mind if I put my finger inside you?” asked Monty. “No I love it,” replied Paige. After fingering her for a bit Monty moved on to licking her arse.

“Oh baby you’ve got me so wet, can I suck your cock?” asked Paige. “Certainly” replied Monty. He sat back down on the sofa and Paige knelt on the floor and gave his cock some more hard sucking. Once again she paid attention to his balls as well. Monty lent down and copped a feel of her breasts as she worked. “You’ve got me all excited now…I can’t wait to get it up me,” said Paige as she grabbed a condom and expertly bagged his knob.

They started off in doggy, which happens to be Paige’s favourite position. As Monty banged away Paige played with her own breasts and encouraged him to fuck her. You could tell from her moans and groans that she was well into it the naughty sexy minx. Paige suggested a change of position and they agreed on mish. She moved to the corner of the sofa and spread her legs wide. He got in-between and pushed his stiff cock up that tight hole again and banged away. “Oh god you’ve got me so wet” Paige said.

“I’m getting a bit tired now do you fancy going on top?” asked Monty. She readily agreed and now it was Monty’s turn to relax on the sofa. Paige climbed on top and started bobbing up and down on his knob. At one point she seemed to genuinely cum in this position, although it’s always hard to tell if an escort is faking it or not.

They carried on fucking until Paige asked Monty if he was going to cum inside her. Monty didn’t think he could and so they discussed where he would cum and agreed on her face / in her mouth. Paige lay along the sofa and Monty squatted above her so she could easily work on his cock yet still point it at her face. As she sucked his cock he asked Paige if she liked to swallow spunk. Indeed she did and promised to swallow every drop. As he came Monty instructed Paige to open up and he squirted his white love juice into her mouth. After taking it all in, she opened her mouth to show him it was there then duly swallowed the lot. Superb ending to a fantastic punt.

From the feedback of other punters you can tell Paige is in a class of her own. She’s a pretty, sexy, sassy lady with a great personality. Her incall place is sensational as well. Highly recommended.

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Paige of Hertfordshire