Palmer of Bristol

Date: Thursday 14 April 2016
Time Spent: 30 mins
Place: Incall .
Price: £45
Description: Curvy, Brunette English Babe with 36D natural tits.

In towns and cities across the UK you can still find “massage parlours” which are basically fronts for sex. Bristol has several of them and John was surprised to find an escort he had previously seen when he visited Adam & Eve. Palmer (formerly Carly of Birmingham) was delighted to see John and showed him around her new “office.”

Some parlours (for example in Crewe) charge a flat rate and give a full service and only certain things like anal are extra. In Bristol it seems, everything is extra so punters need to be wary of this. Yes it is £45 for 30 mins but this only gets you 2 services; typically oral and sex. If you want to suck the ladies nipples it’s extra (£20!), etc., etc. A punter’s bill can soon add up. Adam & Eve do accept credit cards but there is a £10 surcharge for every £60 you charge. It could easily turn into an expensive punt! Buyers beware, especially if you have been drinking!

More interesting facts about UK massage parlours. It’s rare to find many English girls working in them, although Palmer said at Adam & Eve there is a good mix. Also 40% of guys who go to parlours struggle or fail to perform. This can be because of the environment (noises carry in these places) or they don’t find it as sexy as they thought it would be.

Unfortunately for RealPunting on this particular day our intrepid punter John struggled as well. Palmer was helpful and tireless in her approach, but John was just having a bad day. Don’t get us wrong you do get to see OWO and fucking in the film it’s just not as good as it could be. Oh and he failed to cum at the end. But don’t worry there is a twist in the tale to this video which Members should enjoy and will surely serve as a warning to other punters keen to be filmed by RealPunting. If you can’t perform expect the unexpected. If you find yourself in this situation one day let’s just hope you don’t whimper and scream as much as John did!

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