Pamela of Burgess Hill

Date: Thursday 16 June 2005.
Time Spent: 1 hour.
Place: Incall at house.
Price: £150 + £50 for Anal = £200.
Description: 18 year old cute Lithuanian blue-eyed blonde. Petite & slender. Educated to A level!

I discovered that a working house I used to know in Sussex had moved to newer and more secluded premises, with some new girls. The modern house is detached, nicely furnished and quite easy to find off a main road, with its own parking. It is run very well by the efficient maid, with a rota of girls during the week. She made me quite welcome on arrival offering a glass of something and showing me to the bedroom to await my chosen companion.

It wasn't long before Pamela came in smiling to introduce herself, wearing a short white halterneck dress with over-knee socks and heeled mules showing off her slender figure a treat. She has a surprisingly deep voice, which is very sexy with her EE accent, and her shoulder-length blonde hair appeared really shiny. We negotiated how long and how much I was there for, hopefully to include A, I handed over the correct dosh, and she left me to get stripped and ready for her while she stowed the funds downstairs.

When Pamela returned she immediately undressed down to her white bra and panties and joined me on the bed as we chatted about her coming to England and working as an escort. Although she has not been escorting for very long, this is not her first job; Pamela was recommended to this house by a friend in London.

She asked if I would like to start with a massage so I got into position for a rub-down. As she applied Baby Oil to my back we discussed Lithuania and she gave me a few native phrases in her sexy foreign voice. As Pamela finished the massage I rolled over to get a snog and was charmed by her cheeky grin and coy laugh. I asked to undo her bra, and as I started fondling and suckling her small breasts she played with my cock gently in her manicured hand. I noticed her belly-piercing was so new it had obvious sticky plaster marks still around it! Pamela said it was still rather tender. She seemed to be waiting for me to take the lead, so I suggested she remove her knickers and I took a closer look at Pamela's pretty young minge with my wetted fingers. Appearing to be recently shaved, I was keen to get my tongue down to her neat little pussy so I requested we do 69 for a while. She climbed on top of me and I enjoyed licking her smooth cunt, clit and lips as she sucked on my knob at the other end. Although she didn't exactly respond to my efforts, she didn't object either. Maybe Pamela was concentrating on the long slow blow job she was dispensing with her mouth and fingers. It sure felt good. After first checking it was ok, I gently finger-fucked her to feel inside her tight twat; it was right hot and snug. All this oral and stuff got me well in the mood to put my cock inside her so we changed around, Pamela reached for a rubber and carefully rolled it onto my throbbing dick, preparing me for penetration. Now I'm used to girls just deciding which position they find easiest, but Pamela actually asked me what I wanted so I took the chance to get her on top doing the work while I relaxed and lapped it up.

This young lady climbed straight on board and gamely took my whole length into her 18-yr old pussy, riding me like a trooper. The bed was soon banging with us against the wall as we fucked, the phones were ringing downstairs, it was all quite amusing if you're not easily distracted. Just the surreal reality of a modern brothel I suppose. When I asked Pamela what her favourite position was, she said usually man-on-top but her new piercing was still a bit sore for this today, so doggy would be fine. First I requested she turn around to reverse cowgirl so I could watch her cute arse while she shagged me some more. Pamela obligingly re-positioned and went for it with some stamina bouncing on my cock while I had a great view of her bottom. Ah, the advantage of being youthful lean and fit… those were the days!

Next I got her to lie down flat for me at the bed's edge and she grinned impishly as I stood on the floor and fed my prick into her tight slit in this position. Taking care not to press on her belly I enjoyed fucking Pamela like this, sometimes holding her ankles to help her muscles, and wrapping her legs round my neck as well for deeper penetration, looking down on her lithe body stretched out for me, submitting to my hungry cock as I had my wicked way with this dainty maiden, Ha ha! Excellent.

After we gave that a good innings I was keen to move on to doggy in preparation for the attempted assault on Mount Anal. Pamela got on her knees and presented her petite bottom for my further banging. I knelt between her legs and she helped me insert my member. Gosh did it feel good holding on to her hips and watching my cock slide in and out of her. She took it well as I gradually increased the tempo. My cock was very hard by now so I suggested we try anal. I grabbed the lube and put a big dollop on her arsehole. Pamela reached round and fingered it into her arse. I withdrew my cock out of her pussy, putting some more lube on that too. She grabbed hold of my cock, told me not to move and gently backed her arse onto it. Wow was it tight! She could only really take a small amount of it in her, but that was enough for me and I started gently fucking her up the bum. I asked Pamela to finger her pussy at the same time. I fucked her like this for a while, certainly felt I got my £50 worth.

We cleaned up and put on a fresh condom. I asked Pamela to lie in the missionary position again and give me a hand job to get my cock hard. Once ready I inserted it into her slit again and shagged her some more in mish. As I pumped away I asked her, if I got close to the edge could I pull out and she finish me off by wanking me over her body? She agreed as she always seems to with every request. A few more minutes of hard pumping in that tight pussy and I was ready to explode. I pulled out and Pamela took the rubber off. She gave me a rather average hand job but it didn't matter at this point as I was getting off on the fact I was about to cum over a slim blonde teenager, having just fucked her up the arse! It happened quickly, white blobs of cum splattering onto her stomach and then dripping down towards her pussy. It made a lovely mess and I thanked her for our time together. "You're welcome" she smiled in her EE accent and laughed.

To date, my experience of younger girls in general is that you can't expect enthusiasm, but an innocent willing compliance can itself be an endearing quality instead. All depends what you're after at the end of the day.

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Pamela of Burgess Hill