Red Head Babe of Derby

Red Head Babe
Date: Tuesday 22 May 2012
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Outcall .
Price: £200
Description: Well-spoken, stunning Teenager with fit body.

John made the mistake of asking Redhead Babe (aka Sarah) if she was born in Derby. "Oh goodness no" she replied in her posh accent. She was born in Cornwall but grew up in New Zealand before moving back to the UK. Sarah went on to explain she moved to Derby with a partner and then got into the BDSM scene which has made her "drift away from any sense of normality." They carried on chatting and when there was an awkward silence they ended up kissing. Sarah suggested they take it through to the bedroom.

They kissed some more, John feeling her cute bottom while doing so. "Are you a natural redhead?" asked John. "Yes but the colours enhanced" replied Sarah. Slowly they undressed each other. Sarah is a slow and sensual lover. When John's shirt was undone, she gently kissed and stroked his chest and at other times his neck. John removed her dress revealing a black bra and matching knickers. There was more kissing. He squeezed her tits through her bra, and then popped her right breast out. John licked and sucked her nipple. "Very nice boobs" he said as he carried on using his mouth on her tits while she removed her bra.

John removed Sarah's knickers. She suggested he get naked as well. Sarah kissed his body as he stood up to take his trousers off. On returning to the bed John kissed her body in return, but quickly moved down to her pussy. "That's a lovely little pussy" he said as he licked her out. As they kissed again she leaned over and wanked his cock. He stroked her pussy. Sarah moved down his body giving him gentle kisses. “That's nice" sighed John. She reached his knob and gently caressed it with her mouth. Taking it all in she gave him long hard sucks. When taking a break from the sucking she used her tongue to good effect, licking the head and shaft. It was a nice, sensual blow job and he was soon rock hard.

Sarah came back up and lay beside John. They kissed and played with each other’s bodies. He suggested it was time for the main course and she sorted out a condom and some lube. "So what positions do you like?" asked Sarah. "All sorts" replied John rather unhelpfully. Since he was lying down on the bed Sarah decided to mount him. He grabbed on to her lovely tits as she bounced up and down on top of him.

They changed position to doggy. “Lovely arse" said John as he pumped away. He asked if he could spank it. She was well up for this and he slapped it a few times making it slightly red. John lifted her up, so they were kneeling up but he was still taking her from behind. They kissed some more. He let her drop back down and pumped her harder. When John tired they collapsed on the bed, falling into the spoons position with his cock still in her. They carried on fucking, but more slowly now.

John fell out of her and suggested they take a short break and change the condom. The action kicked off again with another blowjob. Sarah soon had his cock rock hard. On went another condom and they fucked in mish. John started with the dirty talk and Sarah joined in. Her BDSM experience makes her a good escort - easily adaptable to most situations. As he pumped away she waited for the right moment and sais "I want you to cum all over my face." If only all teenagers spoke like this!

John fucked her for a bit more then pulled out. He knelt up by her face and she gave him some more OWO. Sarah switched it to a hand job opening her mouth offering it up for him to cum into. It did not take long and he squirted his load across, in and around her mouth. She kissed the end of his cock and smiled up at him - her face still splattered with cum. "Oh that's nice" gasped John before hopping off the bed to grab her a towel to clean up with.

Fantastic punt with a fit teenager who is a sensual lover and aims to please. Highly recommended.

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Red Head Babe of Derby