Romana Ryder of London

Romana Ryder
Date: Monday 22 April 2013
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Outcall
Price: £250
Description: Hot, exotic, petite Pornstar Escort with great tits.

Right first off time to mention the elephant in the room. Romana used to work for Max’s Angels and some bad posts/reviews exist from that time mainly made by the PunterNet crowd. However that was when she was working for Bluebird Films who provided her with a generous income. She was much younger then as well. BTW she has now moved on to other agencies – photogirls, uksugarbabes, bond girls, etc. (although the link in the members area is to her personal adultwork profile where she answers the email and her services are less than the agencies).

“You having a nice day?” Romana asked Joel as they sat on the sofa chatting. Joel asked her if she was originally from London, but she is actually from Canterbury. They went on to discuss her porn career working as a contract girl for Bluebird Films. She has some stories to tell about this time in her life, including when she went to America for the AVNs. Joel also discovered her grandparents were Greek and Armenian – hence the exotic looks.

They moved through to the bedroom, enjoying some more banter as they sat together on the bed. Things kicked off when Joel started feeling Romana’s tits up through her black dress. He asked what size they are and was told they are 34DD and 375ccs. “Next time I’m going for 600” said Romana. It has to be said she has had a very good tit job – no doubt paid for by Bluebird. They kissed and Joel carried on exploring her body.

Joel played with her pussy through her G-string. “Get my knickers really wet first” said Romana “that turns me on” she continued. “You’re just dirty really aren’t you?” said Joel as he did what she asked. “Naughty…mischievous” she replied. Joel asked about a toy. Romana had a little bullet so he used that to tease her pussy through her pants. She showed him how to use it and she was soon moaning with pleasure. “I think we should move my knickers to the side” said Romana. Joel suggested he put the toy inside them instead so they did this.

“I think you should take your clothes off” said Romana “and get your cock out” she continued. While Joel did this she had a sip of her wine and then continued playing with her bullet. When Joel returned to the bed naked she grabbed hold of his cock and gave him a handjob. “Shall I lick it?” she asked. “Go on then” replied Joel. She did more than just lick it – not only sucking it hard, but also getting Joel to slap her mouth with his cock in a porn star stylie.

Romana removed her knickers. Joel sucked her tits. He fingered her pussy and you could hear how wet she was. Romana sucked him off some more while he continued fingering her. “I’m wet enough to fuck now” said Romana. She hopped off the bed and sorted out a condom, taking her dress off at the same time. She kept her black holdups on.

“I just love cock” said Romana as Joel started off fucking her in mish. “Your pussy is tight” noted Joel. Romana kept using the toy on her clit as he fucked her. She kept saying she would cum soon. “It feels fucking great” said Joel as he continued to fuck her. When he paused for a minute Romana told him to keep going. “I’m gunna cum” she said. Joel resumed pumping away. He had to pause again as he did not want to cum too quickly. Romana wanted to cum though and implored him to keep fucking him. Joel did his best but he is no young porn stud who goes to the gym daily. He was feeling the heat.

Joel suggested they change position. He got her to go on top. At first she faced away from him. Joel told her to take it easy – he was close to cumming now and her pussy is so tight. Romana is good on top – she bounced up and down with enthusiasm. After a while Romana turned around and faced him. Once again she squat fucked him.

Romana slid off Joel and suggested he fuck her on the side now. She felt she would cum in this position, so Joel tried once again to make this happen. Romana used her toy while he pumped away and at one point she did seem to orgasm – although it looked a bit of a fake porn one. Joel carried on fucking her after this, enjoying this more relaxing position.

“I want your cum” said Romana. It was decided the session would end with a facial. She started off giving him some more OWO, but Joel was soon telling her to wank him off. He wanted it hard and fast. When she did that he quickly shot his load. She took it all in her mouth. Joel asked her not to swallow it and she lent up and spat it out over her tits. The white mess looked good against her brown skin. “You dirty fuck” she said resting back down on the bed. “That was great” said Joel. He had enjoyed his porn star experience. It would seem the bad press about Romana was from her early days. Certainly Joel caught her on a good day.

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