Rosie of Natasha’s Parties, London

Date: Sunday 4 September 2005
Time Spent: 2 hours
Place: Outcall to my hotel.
Natasha’s Parties Prices: £120 for 2hrs; £180 for 3hrs; £240 for 4hrs.
Description: Fun, cute 23 year old, with short hair, mischievous blue eyes, small boobs, tattoos.

In recent times escort sex parties have become a popular form of punting. A party organiser arranges a venue, hires some girls, provides refreshments and advertises to punters who pay to attend. However, it’s very difficult to get to film a party, as punters generally don’t want to be identified and the organiser doesn’t want his event disrupted by cameras. So I decided to create my own little party scene by booking Rosie who works for Natasha’s Parties and inviting Joel along to join me one afternoon in London.

While waiting for Joel to show up Rosie and I shared a drink and chatted. She was dressed in a matching little pink top and knickers with kinky white boots. Unlike me Joel had not attended one of Natasha’s Parties before, so Rosie treated him as if he was a “newbie”. She outlined the rules and then instructed him to grab a drink and take a shower. Rosie and I chatted some more while Joel complied, then on his return she took him off to the bedroom first, as is the protocol with newbies.

Rosie got Joel to remove his bathrobe and lie down on the bed. She climbed on top of him and began by kissing his nipples. She pulled off her top to reveal a pair of small but perfectly formed tits. Her knickers also came off, but she kept on her sexy white boots. Now Rosie visited Joel’s balls, licking and sucking them, followed by some rimming. She spat on Joel’s cock and started giving him a hand job. The pace was frantic, as is often the case at parties! Soon Rosie had a condom on Joel’s dick (everything is done covered at Natasha’s Parties) and was dispensing some welcome oral action. Rosie moved into the sixty-nine position, so Joel could lick her pussy as she sucked him off. Then Rosie jumped off Joel and asked him to lick her out, showing him exactly where she liked it. At this point I came over to join in the action and Rosie suggested I put a condom on myself first. Having done this I knelt on the bed to get closer to the naughtiness and Rosie stuffed my growing member into her eager mouth. Joel was still busy eating her out down the other end. I asked him what she tasted like and he replied “Fantastic”.

Joel was the first to fuck Rosie, entering her in missionary. She carried on sucking my cock as he fucked her, seeming to enjoy having both holes filled. After a bit Joel leant right over the top of Rosie and I had to back off to leave them to it. At parties, you often have to wait your turn and it’s not a good idea to get in between a dog and his dinner! Rosie kindly reached around and continued wanking me to keep me interested. Joel slowed down for a while and I asked if he’d worn himself out yet. Rosie suggested we swap things around. She stayed where she was, lying across the bed but Joel and I switched over. Even though another bloke had just had his cock in her pussy Rosie still felt tight to me. I banged away as she played with Joel’s cock at the other end. Rosie told me to fuck her harder so I increased the tempo. Then she said to Joel “Sit on my face” and proceeded to rim him. He liked this!

Rosie proposed we change again and she asked to be on top of me this time. I lay down, Rosie jumped up above and then knelt down on my cock, squat-fucking me. As she energetically bounced on me, Joel offered up his cock to her mouth, so she had both holes filled again. Rosie couldn’t keep up this demanding position for very long so she soon hopped off – immediately grabbing my dick and giving me some more oral as she did so. Joel saw his opportunity and asked if he could take her from behind. Rosie readily agreed to be spit-roasted and continued sucking me as Joel fucked her in doggy. She urged Joel to cum, but he wanted to hang on a bit, so he asked me if I wanted to fuck her again. I didn’t need asking twice and this time I entered her in doggy. Joel lay down beside Rosie watching as I did her. Eventually she discovered Joel’s cock nearby again and gave him further oral. Rosie was asking for some cum juice to be dribbled all over her. I was in need of a rest from shagging at this point anyway, so I pulled out and moved around to her side to cum over her tits. She wanked my cock, but it wasn’t working for me, so I took over and told her to play with her pussy. Within a minute I was squirting hot sperm over those cute little titties. I left the bed to have a break, but after a short clean-up Rosie went right back at it with Joel. He took her in mish again and after pumping away for a while he asked if he could cum over her tits too. She agreed and he was soon dumping his load on them as well.

We all stopped the action now and enjoyed the food and drinks laid out for us, along with some sociable chit-chat. As Joel had enjoyed Rosie’s full attention at the start, she kicked off the second session by taking my hand and leading me back to the bed. I lay down and she started playing with my cock. To my surprise she soon had it rock hard again. So it was on with another condom, Rosie climbed aboard and rode my meat vigorously, keeping up some pretty good dirty talk as she did so. After fucking me like this she got off saying “I want you to dribble all over me”. She removed the rubber and started wanking me over her tits. But I could tell this time it was going to take me ages, so I said I didn’t think I could cum just yet. “Don’t worry about that,” said Rosie, “you can go down on me instead”.

Rosie lay back, while I got positioned between her legs for some muff-diving. She showed me where she liked to be licked and how, and I got on with it. As I worked away, Joel wandered over and joined us on the bed again. He concentrated on Rosie’s tits. We both paid special attention to her for a spell and she seemed to cum in the end. This had got Joel excited and he fancied some more action, so Rosie grabbed another condom and bagged him up. After some oral, he entered Rosie in mish again and gave her a jolly good seeing-to. Meanwhile I wandered off for another drink and a rest. After pumping her for some while, Joel ended up cumming inside Rosie this time. He was absolutely knackered. Everybody cleaned up and then sat around for final drinks and snacks as the party came to a natural end.

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Rosie of Natasha's Parties London