Roxanne of Bristol

Date: Sunday 18 July 2010
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Outcall
Price: £130
Description: Slim, leggy, friendly blonde in her 30s.

Roxanne was born in Bristol but grew up in South Africa as her parents emigrated there. Joe invited her into the apartment he had rented, sorted out a drink and the paperwork. They chatted on the sofa at first. Joe was intrigued by the fact Roxy had been dogging and asked her about that. The conversation then turned to her bi-sexuality. She confessed to Joe that she loves going down on another girl. Roxy can arrange a two girl with Princess Leah – a very sexy black escort.

Roxy moved things on by suggesting she get changed into something sexier. She had arrived casually dressed in an orange top and jean shorts with her long legs on display. Roxy went to the bathroom to get changed. She re-emerged wearing black bra and panties, black hold ups and some killer heels. They headed to the bedroom.

“Would you like a nice massage?” asked Roxy. Joe was well up for this and she helped him off with his clothes. Once naked he lay face down on the bed. They carried on chatting as she worked on his back using baby oil. When Joe asked her what things she likes to do Roxy replied “My speciality is oral…so I’ve been told.” Joe could not wait for her to try deep throating him.

“Let me know when you want to turn around” Roxy said. Joe waited a few seconds and then said “now is good.” She briefly massaged his front, but then lay next to him and started kissing. She played with his cock and balls. Asking if he wanted oral with or without she moved down in-between his legs. Joe opted for OWO and Roxy teased his knob with her tongue. She popped it in her mouth and sucked hard. Between periods of sucking she would use her tongue to good effect. It was a most excellent blow job. She even tried some deep throat, which made her eyes water. Joe was blown away.

Joe decided to return the favour. Roxy made herself comfortable on the bed and Joe removed her panties. “Nice shaven pussy” he noted as he went down on her. “You taste sweet” Joe said as he came up for air. After asking her he added fingers to the mix. Joe got Roxy to remove her bra revealing a nice pair of tits whose nipples you just want to suck on sight. Roxy blew him some more, then she got on all fours and he examined her bum and played with it.

Joe decided it was condom time. Roxy sucked him some more than grabbed a condom from the side and bagged him. She applied some lube then got on all fours on the bed. Joe pushed his hard cock up her pussy and pumped away. He was gagging for it at this point. When he slowed the pace down Roxy reached back and played with his balls. This was too much for him and he nearly blew his load straight away. Some how he managed to regain his composure and he carried on fucking her.

“Shall we get you on top of me now” suggested Joe. Roxy readily agreed, taking the opportunity to have a quick sip from her drink during the change over. “Thirsty work” she noted. It was a bouncy bed, so Joe suggested she try squat fucking him. This was great for him, but she could not keep it up for very long and switched to a more comfortable position. This allowed Joe to suck on her nipples as he fucked her hard from below.

They moved into mish, but Joe was starting to tire now. He asked Roxy where she allows guys to cum. CIM was on offer so he opted for that. Before pulling out he had a few more minutes of hard bonking. He was soon ready for the finale. “Shall I give you a nice suck then?” offered Roxy. Joe stood by the side of the bed and she knelt in front of him. Roxy dispensed some more of her excellent OWO and Joe was soon groaning with pleasure. He deposited his hot white load inside and round her mouth. “Spunky” noted Roxy as she came up for air. They cleaned up and then Roxy exited for the bathroom to get changed back into her casual clothes. Excellent punt from a nice, friendly lady.

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Roxanne of Bristol