Teenage Escort Ruby of London

Date: Monday 6 March 2006
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Outcall.
Price: £160
Description: Confident, fun, well-educated, open-minded 19-year old brunette with full, firm natural boobs.

Ruby is a rare find indeed. She's a real teenage escort who is well educated (12 GCSE's), well travelled, open-minded (interested in BDSM), bisexual, and the best part of all… she loves sex. While chatting to her at the beginning of our session I discovered she had her first kiss with a girl, lost her virginity to a boy at 15 and lost her gay cherry to a girl at 16. She has been escorting for a year and offers outcall and incall, GFE, BDSM, watersports and hardsports.

Because I was filming this session totally on my own we started off with Ruby doing a striptease for the camcorder. First she removed her tight red top, teasingly turning her back to me, before turning around to face me again so I could see the top of her boobs straining to be released from their black bra. As she had trousers on, her boots had to come off next. Underneath were stripy blue knee socks, which she kept on. While Ruby undressed she discussed erotic wrestling. Rather than unhooking her bra she popped the right breast out of it, quickly followed by the left one. I was now staring at a perfect pair of D cup tits. They looked fantastic. Ruby removed her bra altogether and discussed her various tattoos - one meaning "soldier", another "goddess" and a third one "whore"! Slowly she took down her knickers, bending over and thrusting her cute arse towards me. Turning around to face me again she whipped them off completely, then lay back on the bed and started playing with her own pussy which was partially trimmed. I suggested she make herself more comfortable in the chair and play with her toys.

Ruby held up a vibrator and a pair of love eggs and invited me to choose one. I selected the eggs so she slowly inserted them inside her pussy until just the string loop at the top was left visible. Then gradually she pulled them back out. It was fun to see each one stretching her cunt wide open before "popping" out of her tight hole. Next she picked up her straight silver vibrator. This started off in her mouth with Ruby sucking and licking it. Noticing I was staring at her tits, she moved the action down there, feeling the shape of the breasts and the nipples with the end of the toy. She then shoved the toy in between both tits and mentioned the words "tit wank". Fantastic! Now it was time for some penetration. Gently she felt her pussy with the toy, then eased it inside herself. Soon it was buried up to the hilt deep within her. She continued playing with the vibe for a bit longer, but by now I was very keen to go where that had been!

Ruby knelt in front of me and undid my trousers. She noticed I was already getting hard and I told her it was not surprising after watching her toy show. She unleashed my cock and immediately started wanking it. The oral started with her licking up the underside of my member then she popped it in her mouth. Her sucking technique was good and combined with a simultaneous hand job I was soon rock hard. After sucking me for a while I challenged her to Deep Throat me. She knew she couldn't do it all but made a brave effort to get as much in as possible and I still enjoyed her attempt. More mouth action followed and at one point Ruby even played with her own pussy while sucking me. Eventually I asked her "Do you wanna feel that cock inside you?" She replied "Hell yea" and so we sorted out the condom.

Ruby lay back on the bed with her socks still on. I guess it added to the youthful image. I got between her legs and entered her in missionary. She had warned me she was tight and boy was she right. It felt like heaven. I pumped away fast, unable to control my urges. But I soon had to slow it down, aware after that great oral session that I was in danger of blowing my load too quickly. Once the feeling passed I was able to increase the speed again, but fast or slow, Ruby seemed to like it all.

We moved on to doggy. It was so good to enter her again, her pussy really is nice and tight. This time I got to look at her beautifully shaped bottom as I fucked her. She started to wriggle her hips on my cock, which felt fantastic. Then it was back to deep penetrative thrusts - I was amazed at how well she took this: proof positive she was really into it. I also got Ruby to hold her arse cheeks wide open so I could pull my cock out slowly and see her pussy hole in all its glory.

To finish the session I wanted to cum over Ruby's cheeky little face. She lay down on a pillow and I knelt beside her. Starting off with a slow, sensual blow job she soon brought my cock to life again, then moved on to vigorous wanking. This was too much for me and soon her busy hand was squirting my hot juice right across her. The first load overshot her face to land on her neck, but some eventually hit the mark on her chin and mouth. Not the greatest facial, but I wasn't worried; I really enjoyed Ruby. She is a fascinating young lady who knows just how to turn a man on and how to fuck. She struck me as being not that bothered whether she had many clients or not, as she has a full social life besides escorting and still likes to go travelling. I wonder how long she will stick at this before deciding to change career or go off to Uni? I hope her relaxed approach means she will not become jaded from sex work, but retain her cheeky charm as she has plenty of fun with it.

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Teenage Escort Ruby of London