Sadie of Leeds

Date: Thursday 14 January 2010
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Outcall to rented apartment.
Price: £180
Description: A mature bubbly, blonde, glamorous lady.

Sadie arrived on time impeccably dressed in a little black number with black stockings. She immediately put John at ease as she is a bubbly person with a lovely personality. They took care of the payment then sat chatting on the sofa. The conversation ended when Sadie asked John if he would like to kiss her. Of course he did and they snogged. “Would you like to show me where the bedroom is?” Sadie asked seductively. John led the way.

Once in the bedroom Sadie sorted out her bits and pieces placing them on the bedside table. She kissed John some more then got him to sit with her on the end of the bed. Sadie suggested making John more comfortable and helped him off with his shirt. She then got him to unzip her dress to reveal red and black underwear with black stockings. He lay back on the bed and she removed his trousers. They cuddled and kissed some more.

“I’d like you to play with me” Sadie suggested. She settled back on the bed and John kissed her body. “I like my nipples sucking” she told John. She helped him remove her bra and then John got to work on her nips. He then moved downstairs, pulling her panties aside and checking it was OK to use fingers. He started off with his tongue first though. Sadie seemed to love this telling him she was getting wet. When he came up for air he suggested she return the favour. Sadie was happy to oblige.

John removed his boxers and lay on the bed. Sadie knelt in-between his legs and kissed her way slowly up to his cock and balls. She licked and sucked him in a slow and sensual way. Sadie also paid good attention to his balls. John was soon rock hard. He suggested they move into 69 and Sadie readily agreed. She stood up to remove her knickers. "Look at that beautiful little bottom...that's peachy" said John as Sadie climbed on top of him. They continued giving each other oral.

"I want you inside me" gasped Sadie. They sorted out a condom and lube. Sadie climbed on top and shoved his hard cock up her pussy. She asked John how it was for him. "It's very nice" he replied as she slowly moved up and down on his shaft. He had a quick feel of her tits as she fucked him. Sadie mentioned her favourite position was doggy and they decided to switch to that. As John re-entered her he said “I love your tight little pussy.” She took to playing with his balls giving him extra sensation. He carried on pumping away. She told him it was good and soon she seemed to genuinely cum. This did not stop her enthusiasm though as she told John she would like to cum again. Great stuff.

“How about you on top of me now?” Sadie said. She removed her shoes as they moved into mish. “I like this way as we can kiss now as well” said Sadie. They snogged some more as John entered that nice tight hole again. She encouraged John to watch his cock going in and out of her. Soon she was close to cumming again and said she had done so yet again. Wow!

John was ready to cum now as well, but wanted to finish over her face. He pulled out, removed the condom and knelt up beside her. She gave him a hand job. He told her to do it “hard and fast” on the end and when she squeezed tighter he released his load of spunk all over her mouth and chin. “That was such fun I had a lovely time” declared Sadie. Needless to say John had enjoyed himself as well. Good punt.

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Sadie of Leeds