Saffina of Derby

Date: Friday 28 March 2014
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Outcall to Birmingham (in response to reverse booking)
Price: £130
Description: Sexy young Ebony escort with great body & booty!

Saffina is originally from Ghana but has been in the UK for ten years so her English is very good. John asked what had made her venture into escorting and she replied “because I love sex.” This is always good to hear and often means the punt will be a good one. After a little more chat John suggested they head into the bedroom.

Standing by the bed they started kissing. Saffina soon had John’s shirt off. He told her to stick her tongue out so he could suck it. She happily obliged. They both started undressing and jumped on the bed in their underwear. “Lovely figure” complimented John. They kissed some more – John does like a GFE punt. Saffina started feeling his cock through his boxers.

Saffina removed her bra revealing a nice pair of tits with long nipples. John sucked and licked them while feeling her pussy through her knickers. She carried on playing with his knob which was now standing to attention. They both removed their remaining clothes so they were totally naked. Saffina lay back on the bed and John went down on her. Saffina returned the favour giving him OWO.

“Tell you what…sit on my face” said John. He made himself comfortable on the bed and she did just that. John loves this position and he felt her tits while licking her out. She moaned at his attentions obviously enjoying it as well. “Oh that’s good” said John, “do you want to turn around?” he continued. Saffina did just that so they were now in sixty-nine. She sucked his cock as he carried on licking her out.

It was John who suggested moving things on – he wanted to fuck her in doggy. They sorted out a condom. Saffina got on all fours and John kissed her booty before sticking his cock in her pussy. She moaned as he entered her – always a nice sign. “Oh that’s tight” noted John as he banged away. Saffina carried on moaning – she is vocal in the bedroom. “Oh that’s good” noted John. He was enjoying this fuck.

“How about going into missionary?” suggested John. Saffina was happy to oblige. She gasped again as he re-entered her and carried on moaning as he banged away. You can tell this lady is, as she says, into her sex. Her tits bounced up and down in front of John as he penetrated her. He could not help having a feel.

They switched position to her on top. She faced away from him at first. “Cute little bottom” noted John as Saffina bounced up and down with enthusiasm on his stiff member. When she slowed down John got her to lean back so she was squat fucking him. He played with her clit as she did this.

Saffina hopped off and re-mounted John so she was now facing him. This allowed him to have another feel of her tits. She moved up and down on his cock fast at first. When she slowed he got her to lean over so he could suck her long nipples. They carried on fucking. “Oh that’s so good” gasped John. He was enjoying this punt.

“Where can I cum?” asked John. “On my boobs or bum” replied Saffina. John decided on her tits. He told her to lie on her back. Once the condom was removed she started giving him a vigorous handjob. He played with her pussy as she worked. It did not take long for him to cum, shooting his white load all over her ebony tits. He thanked her, gave her kiss, and then went off to take a shower. She followed him to the bathroom to clean up as well.

A good punt with an enthusiastic escort who seems to genuinely love sex.

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