Sam of Bournemouth

Date: Tuesday 1 March 2005
Time Spent: 1 hour.
Place: Incall.
Price: £145.
Description: Attractive, friendly, sexually confident Irish lady with long blonde hair, lovely blue eyes, great boobs and a fit, tanned body.

Sam is one of the hostesses at the Gentlemans Pleasures parties, but she also sees clients for 1-2-1s. I met her at the Bournemouth party location and we started off sitting on the sofa chatting about how often parties are held, what goes on, what guys need to bring, etc. Then we talked about her services for individual bookings and what she likes. I discovered she offers all services (including anal and watersports), her favourite position is doggy and she will have multiple orgasms if you go down on her! I asked her what she thought her best asset was and she took my hand, placed it on her right boob and asked me what I thought it was. She suggested I gave them a little squeeze. I didn't need a second invitation, so I gently started caressing her tits. Then Sam kissed me and I felt my prick springing into life. Sam pulled the top of her red party dress down to reveal a lovely red bra with sparkling sequins, which was struggling to contain her large breasts. I quickly got them out of there gently kissing them, then licking and sucking her perfectly formed nipples. Her tits are absolutely amazing.

Sam started undressing me. As she undid my trousers she gently stroked my crotch and commented on how I was swelling up nicely. When she finally unleashed my cock I already had a semi, which soon turned into a raging hard on as Sam gently stroked it. She went down on me, but in a very slow, seductive way, starting off by just licking the end and around the head. Then she just took the head into her mouth, gently sucking it. After this warm up she was soon giving me full-on oral, taking large amounts of my cock into her mouth and sucking hard. At times she would stop and gently flick her tongue up and down my shaft. Wow is she good at giving head! I had to break it off for fear of shooting my load too soon.

We were still sitting on the sofa, but our thoughts were on other things than moving to the bedroom. Sam lay back, took her red g-string off and I went down on her. She tasted great and I could tell she was soon enjoying the attentions of my tongue. As I licked away Sam grabbed my head and gently helped me by forcing it in the direction she wanted it. I increased her pleasure by fingering her as well. At one point when I leant back to take a break Sam fingered herself in front of me telling me how wet I'd made her. She then suggested we see how many fingers we could get up her. I put two in, she put two in, and then she suggested I try another one, so she ended up with five fingers in her pussy. We carried on finger-fucking together and Sam told me she loves this. She then asked me to suck her clit again so I went down on her some more.

Sam was soon dying to be shagged. She told me her favourite position was doggy so we decided to start in that. I took the rest of my clothes off and grabbed a condom. Sam gave me some more oral to get my cock rock hard and then we bagged it. Sam turned around on the sofa, lifted up her red dress, wiggled her bottom towards me and I entered her from behind. With all the fingers that had been up her fanny I thought she was going to feel loose, but she was nice and tight. In fact I had trouble getting my cock inside her and she had to help me. Soon I was pumping away, banging up against her cute arse. She was well warmed up by this point and seemed to like it hard and fast - cool! It felt so good slamming my cock into her.

However I soon started to tire and so suggested we move into mish. Sam had no problem with this and lay down with her legs wide open. I penetrated her once again and started to play with her tits, which were now bouncing up and down in front of me. Sam grabbed my arse and helped me ram my cock into her. I love a girl like this - well up for it. At one point she started slapping my arse! This spurred me on and we fucked like this for a while. When I started to tire again and slow down Sam suggested we take the condom off so that she could suck me until I came in her mouth. How could I resist?

I pulled out and took the rubber off. We kissed again, Sam giving me a hand job while we did so. The she lent over and slowly started giving me head. Once again she made good use of her tongue before her mouth engulfed my knob. As she sucked her hand worked up and down my shaft. I told her exactly how I like my cock wanked and she soon had me spurting my spunk into her open mouth. After I'd cum she still carried on licking and worshiping my cock - a nice touch and a good ending to a great session.

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Sam of Bournemouth