Sandie Caine Escort

Date: Friday 21 November, 2003
Time Spent: 2 hours
Place: Incall at her place
Price: £400
Description: The classic blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl, 5'5" tall, small natural tits, 25 yrs old. Very friendly.

This was a brilliant punt and the first time I'd ever tried anal; what a great baptism! Sandie Caine is one of the leading UK porn stars who has appeared in over 80 adult films and makes regular appearances on adult TV. Luckily for us punters she also escorts in her free time offering incall and outcall. She is on the books of a top London agency and also appears on several of the escort listing sites. The main reason I wanted to see Sandie Caine was to try anal sex for the first time. None of my girlfriends has ever let me do this, and other escorts who claimed they offered it soon came up with excuses for not doing so on seeing the size of my cock. I reckoned a porn girl would be up for anything. How right I was!

Sandie Caine is a very friendly girl who instantly puts you at ease. On arriving at her apartment she showed me into her bedroom and then went off to the kitchen to fetch a bottle of wine. We sorted the money out and she poured a couple of glasses as we chatted on the bed about her porn career. I admitted I was nervous about trying anal, but she told me not to worry because she knew all the tricks to make it comfortable for both of us. Soon we were kissing and gradually peeling off clothes. This is one sexy lady and my cock was rock-hard as she felt me up through my trousers. Meanwhile I was squeezing her tits and Sandie Caine undid the top of her dress so I could lick and suck them. Soon the rest of her dress came off. Then it was my turn to take some clothes off, but we both left our knickers on and continued to fondle and kiss each other.

Next Sandie Caine suggested I lie back and relax on the bed. She removed my pants then slowly started to give me OWO. She was willing to please, telling me to let her know just how I like it, but I found her technique was already excellent and I was having a difficult time not cumming. She really sucks your dick, and will maintain good eye-contact too. You can tell this is one confident young lady. It was now my turn to pleasure Sandie Caine. So I let her lie back on the bed, took her thong off, and went down on her. Sandie's pussy is very neat and pretty and she is partially shaved. She tasted good and I enjoyed licking her and inserting my fingers while she played with her tits. I was dying to fuck now, but my cock had gone down through lack of attention. This was no problem for Sandie Caine. Like a true professional she told me to lie down and relax. She then proceeded to suck it again, soon getting me standing to attention, and put the condom on using her mouth.

Sandie Caine started off by mounting me, one of my favourite positions. Unlike some girls who soon seem to tire or don't really take in your whole cock in this position she enthusiastically bounced up and down giving me a really good fucking. After going at it in the conventional position Sandie turned round to try one of her porn positions - squat-fucking me in reverse cowgirl. Wow is this girl good! This naturally led into spoons with me fucking her. I didn't find this position so great though so I suggested we tried mish. This was much better for me and I really enjoyed giving her a good seeing to. For a few minutes I felt like one of those porn studs in her videos as she spread her legs wide open above my head and I rammed in and out of that neat, tight pussy.

After enjoying her cunt, it was now time to venture onwards to that other hole! Our very first attempt at anal penetration was not too successful. I got my cock in her arse, but there was not enough lube or something, so it was difficult for me to pump her and my rod started to go down. Sandie Caine said not to worry and suggested we try another approach. She lubed up some more, told me to fuck her pussy in mish for a while, then pull out and slide my cock straight up her butthole. This worked much better and I was amazed to see how easily my knob disappeared up that small hole. It was an amazing sensation being in such a tight space and it was weird feeling her pussy on my stomach yet knowing my cock was inside her and thrusting away. What a great experience! As I pumped away I noticed Sandie's grunts and breathing were different from when I screwed her pussy. I was happy that I'd managed to fuck her up the arse, but Sandie Caine said we couldn't stop now and we should try another position for anal. Blimey! One of her favourites is on top, so I laid back on the bed and relaxed as she squatted over me and took my dick up her bottom. She guided me through this position telling me to raise my knees to help her. I readily obliged and I couldn't believe how enthusiastically she rode up and down on my prick even though it was in her arsehole. She even reached round and started fingering her own pussy while doing this. These porn girls are absolutely amazing!!

After a while we both collapsed back on the bed exhausted. I felt so excited and flushed from my first anal initiation and Sandie Caine was so pleased I had enjoyed it. We finished off with her giving me a blow-job to completion. It was not long at all before I was shooting my hot semen into that gorgeous wide mouth. Sandie Caine dribbled it out over her tits. A great finish to a superb punt. This felt more like an afternoon sex session with a girlfriend, albeit a very experienced one who knows all the tricks of the trade and is confident with her own sexuality! Highly recommended.

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