Saskia of Colchester

Date: Tuesday 9 July 2013
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Incall
Price: £100
Description: Curvy Blonde with 36GG enhanced tits.

Joel was shown straight through to the bedroom. Saskia sat on the bed while he sorted out the money. “Did you have anything in mind?” asked Saskia as Joel got undressed. He described the type of things he liked and there was only thing Saskia did not offer – cum on face. She removed her dress revealing big tits bursting out of a bikini top. “Do you do any massaging?” asked Joel. “Yea if you want to” replied Saskia. “Cor big old tits darling” said Joel as he made himself comfortable on the bed. He asked how big there are and was told 36GG. Saskia started the massage and they chatted as she worked.

The action kicked off when Saskia asked Joel what sort of things he liked doing. He turned over and suggested she start with a blowjob. Saskia grabbed his cock played with it a bit, then popped it in her mouth. She sucks hard and goes deep but takes it quite slowly. When taking a break from the sucking Saskia licked his shaft and helmet making good use of her tongue stud. “Give the old balls a lick as well” requested Joel. Without hesitation Saskia did as requested, wanking his cock while she licked.

“Shall we get those titties out?” suggested Joel. “Yep” replied Saskia as Joel untied her bikini top. She pulled it down below her boobs so she could place his erect cock in-between them. A nice tit job ensued much to Joel’s delight. He suggested they finish that way as well. Joel requested more oral so Saskia got to work sucking again. He also got her to lick his balls some more. Afterwards he had a little play with her tits – licking and sucking her nipples. They sure are big udders!

It was Joel who suggested it was condom time. Saskia quickly grabbed one from the window sill and they discussed positions as she applied it. Joel wanted to start in mish first. Saskia does not have a favourite position so this was fine by her. As Joel entered her pussy he noticed she had a clit piercing. He pumped away making the bed squeak and her tits wobble.

“Do you fancy a go on top?” asked Joel. Saskia was happy to oblige and they switched over. The fucking was much slower now, but it was a hot day. Joel enjoyed penetrating her deeply. He suggested they switch to doggy. For this position Joel stood on the floor at the end of the bed. Saskia stayed on it and got on all fours. Joel suggested they use some lube – Saskia quickly handed it to him. This made the job easier and Joel was soon balls deep in her pussy and pumping away hard.

“Shall we do spoons?” suggested Joel who was in need of lying down after his physical exertions. He took it easy for this position, just enjoying pumping his cock slowly in and out of her pussy. He got a good feel of her right tit as he worked. Saskia moaned with pleasure. “I wanna cum using your titties round my cock” declared Joel. He jumped up and removed the condom. Grabbing some oil from the bedside table he passed it to Saskia and told her to put it on her tits.

Joel hopped on top of Saskia and slapped his cock between her massive jugs. She wrapped them round his dick – so it was soon lost. The oil was a bit slippery so Joel helped her. Realising he would not cum by tits alone Joel instructed Saskia to wank him off. She was happy to do so and it did not take long before Joel’s white spunk flew out landing in-between her massive tits. “Fantastic” declared Joel “what a lovely tit wank.”

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