Sexylady of Nottingham

Date: Friday 22 June 2012
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Incall .
Price: £140
Description: Friendly & chatty 24yo with very pretty face.

Sexy Lady aka Charli does incalls from hotels around the Nottingham area. She normally works from the Britannia or Plaza but this time she had rented an apartment. Charli invited Joel in and offered him a drink. They sat and chatted over a cuppa in the spacious living room. During the course of the conversation we learnt that Charli also works for an escort agency. She didn't mention which one it was though.

"Anyway...look at me gassing" said Charli. "Would you like to pop in the shower and freshen up?" Joel was happy to do so and Charli showed him where to go. By the time he returned Charli had got changed into a sexy negligee. "I'm going to give you a nice massage" said Charli. She went on to explain that because of a back problem she could not do this in the normal way and preferred to do it sitting on the sofa. She got Joel to sit in-between her legs facing away from her so she could work on his back. They chatted some more as she worked.

"Would you like to give me a little bit of a neck rub?" asked Charli. Joel was happy to return the favour and they switched positions. He worked a way for a while then cheekily asked if her breasts needed massaging. Normally you would get a slap in the face for a comment like that...but not with an escort. Charli felt they did need massaging, so Joel unclipped her bra. At this point Charli realised she needed a hair clip and got up to sort that out. On her return she removed the negligee completely so she was just in a black g-string. She suggested Joel de-robe as well, so he was now naked. They started caressing each other Joel playing with her tits. Charli likes her nipples being licked, but not bitten.

Charli moved down to Joel's lower regions. She kissed his thighs, and licked the shaft of his knob. Grabbing it in her hand she started sucking the end. He soon had a raging hard on. She used his cock to play with her own breasts. They kissed some more. Charli was still chatting away (she is a bit of a talker so bear this in mind when booking her). Moving back down to his cock she gave him some more OWO. "It's not fair that you're fully it?" said Charli, jumping up and removing her g-string. This resulted in another conversation about the tattoo on her bum.

"Yes you definitely have a tight pussy" said Joel as they continued fucking again. "Do you like being spanked?" asked Joel. "Yea, gently" replied Charli. Joel gave her a few slight slaps on her arse as he penetrated her. They slowed down and kissed some more. "Let's have you lay down shall we" said Joel. "This sofa is quite comfy" said Charli as she repositioned herself. Joel played with her clit before putting his cock back in her pussy. Unfortunately this position did not quite work for Joel so they decided to change again. Charli suggested she straddle Joel in the arm chair. He got her to play with his cock some more during the switch over. Things were better in the chair and Charli asked Joel to spank her again.

Joel suggested they change position again. He told Charli to sit on the end of the sofa and he entered her in the mish position. At one point Charli was slipping, but he just let her rest right back in the sofa and carried on fucking her. "Yea that's good" encouraged Charli. Joel helped her back up again so they were more upright. "How about we use the table" she said. Joel agreed suggesting she lay on it. Once in position he licked her out. "You can see them piercings more now" said Charli. Joel entered her again and pumped away. He soon had to stop again though as he was about to cum. He slowed it right down and played with her clit instead.

They decided to try another position. Charli got in doggy on the table, but she was too high for Joel so she got down and headed back towards the main living room. Joel beckoned her back and told her to bend over the corner of the sofa. That worked and they carried on fucking. At one point Joel stood still and told Charli to fuck him. He kept encouraging her to push back harder. When he popped out Charli dashed off towards the main living room. She told Joel to come over and remove the condom. "Oh you want me to cum over your face now?" asked Joel. "No tits!" replied Charli.

Joel stood over Charli and she wanked his cock hard. Joel had been so close to popping his load that it only took a few seconds for him to squirt his load over her tits. The first load missed her tit but he managed to make sure some landed on her right one. Joel thanked her then headed off for a shower. Charli asked for him to bring some loo roll over so she could clean herself up.

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