Shannon of Birmingham

Date: Tuesday 18 January 2005
Time Spent: 1 hour.
Place: Incall. Fun Place, Bearwood High Street, Birmingham.
Price: £25 door fee + 120 in room = £145 total.
Description: Tall, slim, tanned blonde with small, pert tits, lovely husky voice and lively personality.

The Fun Place has an excellent reputation as "The" place to go in Birmingham. The arrangements for my visit went very smoothly, but I would advise punters to book in advance as this place can get very busy. Despite the fact this establishment is very discreet (you cannot tell from the street what is going on here) I had no trouble finding it and parking was easy on a nearby side road.

On arrival I was shown in by the maid and taken to the room. I was told I could use the remote to start the porn DVD on the TV in the corner of the room if I wanted to. I was also offered a shower, which I gladly accepted. A towel, dressing gown and even slippers were thoughtfully provided for my use. Afterwards I returned to the room and waited for Shannon. She arrived wearing a white basque with matching g-string and stockings, which looked wonderful against her tanned body and light blonde hair. After kissing me on the cheek she sat down beside me on the bed and we chatted for a while. She asked if I'd been to Fun Place before and we also discussed the pricing structure. There are certain extra charges - OWO is £10 extra, OWO to completion £20 extra and anal, if the escort offers it, an additional £40. For an hour booking a punter can cum as many times as he wants.

The session started off with a massage, Shannon offering me oil or talc. I chose the oil and Shannon straddled my naked body as I lay face-down on the bed. We continued to chat during the massage. Shannon is very friendly and conversation flowed easily. After a short while Shannon asked me to turn over. Rather than continuing the massage this time Shannon licked and kissed my chest, paying particular attention to my nipples. Gradually she licked her way down to my cock and then to my balls. She gave these a good licking and sucking. At this point Shannon started undressing, first pulling her basque down to reveal a lovely pair of small pert titties, and then removing it completely. We kissed each other - Shannon provides GFE - and then she kissed her way back down to my balls which she proceeded to suck again. At the same time she started wanking my cock which was rising to the occasion. I took the opportunity to play with Shannon's pussy, pulling aside her white g-string to reveal a partially shaven haven. With my cock still in her mouth, Shannon skilfully removed her stockings next. She gives a good blow-job, with a strong sucking technique.

I suggested sixty-nine so Shannon stood up and removed her g-string so that we were now both completely naked. She climbed on top of me so I could get up close and personal with her pussy. She tasted good and I enjoyed licking her out. Meanwhile at the other end Shannon was keeping up her awesome oral technique. I realised if she kept this up I was going to cum very soon so I suggested she lay back on the bed, so I could pay better attention to her. This made it easier for me to open up her pussy lips and really get my tongue in there - lovely! I also inserted one and then two fingers; her pussy felt tight. Shannon lying down also gave me a better chance to play with her tits. I licked and sucked on her nipples both of which were soon sticking out, hard as bullets. Shannon's pussy was nice and wet by this point, so we decided to move on.

While I'd been attending to Shannon my dick had gone down, so I lay on the bed again and Shannon blew it back to life. Her vigorous technique soon had it rock hard and she expertly bagged it. Once the condom was on, she immediately straddled me, teased her pussy with my knob and then pushed it right home. Wow did she feel tight. I told her to take it slow as I was worried about exploding too soon. This she did, but soon worked up a good rhythm. Shannon rode me for a good old while - you can tell this girl loves to fuck. At one point I had to ask her to slow down again as I thought I was cumming. It seems Shannon can ride cock all day long and it was me who suggested we should change position.

We moved into doggy. I had some trouble the angle right to get my prick in at first, but Shannon swiftly helped guide it in and we were off again. It felt good to be in more control of the action with this position and I also got to see Shannon's great arse. From the noises she made I could tell she was enjoying this position too. What a great lay she is. Finally we changed around to mish. Shannon is very good at keeping her legs way up in the air in this position allowing for deeper penetration. Fantastic! We fucked away like this for a while, until I was well and truly knackered from the work-out. So I asked Shannon if I could cum over her tits. Off came the rubber and to my surprise Shannon immediately stuffed my cock in her mouth again and gave me some more of her delightful oral treatment. She did this for a while, but I eventually asked her to wank it hard instead. This very soon brought me off and my cum exploded over her tanned tits.

It had been my original intention to try and cum twice during our hour-long session. But we had spent so much time already I realised this wasn't going to be possible. Shannon enthusiastically suggested I have a toy show instead. Great idea! Out came her vibrator, which she invited me to switch on, before she then started frigging herself with it. I offered to play with her boobs while she used the vibe and she readily agreed. We both got stuck in. Soon I was directing the horny visual action telling her to bring the toy right out of her pussy and then push it back in again, so you could really see her cunt-hole. Finally I took over and enjoyed pleasuring her with the toy. After playing around for a while Shannon took over again so I could concentrate on her tits. All too soon my time was up.

So an excellent punt in a great venue. You can certainly understand why Fun Place has such a great reputation - and deservedly so

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Shannon of Birmingham