Sookie of Luton

Date: Saturday 2 February 2013
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Incall
Price: £120
Description: 33yo Curvy blonde offering all services. Anal specialist.

It says on Sookie’s profile that her nearest train station is Luton Parkway. Although this is the closest it is still seven miles from her incall place – a point Joe had not realised when setting off. After taking trains, buses and taxis he eventually arrived. There is free parking right outside, so if you are driving it is a much easier. After a short chat Sookie and Joe started to undress. He admired her tits, but was soon enjoying the delights of her mouth as Sookie dispensed some OWO.

It was the anal and rimming action that Joe had booked Sookie for though. “You wanna see my arse then?” asked Sookie. Joe removed her knickers, smelt them then threw them to one side. He pulled her bum cheeks apart and admired the hole he was going to be penetrating. He licked and fingered her arse and pussy, getting Sookie to suck off the juices after removing his fingers. Her services include arse to mouth and she told Joe she loves it!

Joe made himself comfortable on the bed and received another blowjob. “Do you wanna lick my arse?” he asked Sookie. She sure did. Joe got on all fours and stuck his bum in her face. She rimmed him. Joe returned the favour licking her arse out again. He told Sookie it was condom time – asking her to suck his cock once more before applying it.

Joe started off fucking Sookie in the pussy in doggy. He checked with her it was OK then spanked her arse cheeks, making them red. “What is it you said you are?” asked Joe, alluding to a comment she had made earlier in the session. “A dirty, kinky, bitch” replied Sookie and indeed she is! “Here comes the spit” announced Joe as he gobbed on her bum hole. It was quickly followed by a finger so it was like DP for Sookie. She loved it!

Joe decided it was time for anal sex. He took his cock out of her pussy and shoved it up Sookie’s bum hole. He took it slowly at first but was soon banging her hard up the arse. “You like it up there?” asked Sookie. “Yea,” gasped Joe enjoying it just as much as her. Joe changed position doing her up the arse in a sort of spoons/mish combination. He got her to feel his balls as he pumped away. Sookie asked him to stick a finger in her pussy – she likes that DP feeling!

“Now you ready to suck it?” asked Joe. Of course she was. He made himself comfortable on the bed and she sucked him off cleaning the condom after it had been in her arse. Fantastic stuff! They resumed fucking with her on top. Joe’s cock was, as throughout most of this session, in her arse again. She bounced up and down with enthusiasm and played with her own pussy. Joe slapped her arse some more for good measure.

Joe suggested Sookie get on all fours again – he prefers this position for his anal sex. “I can feel your balls bouncing on my pussy” Sookie told Joe. He liked the fact she was so into it. When he withdrew his cock from her arse Joe immediately stuck it in her mouth. He was loving the arse to mouth. After she had licked it clean he removed the condom so he was receiving OWO.

Joe asked Sookie where she wanted his cock next. She hesitated so he suggested in her arse again. What an anal session this was turning into. Joe applied another condom and entered her arse in the spoons position this time. He played with her pussy as he fucked her making squelching noises. “See how wet you’ve made my pussy” said Sookie. “I’m guna take it out, stick it in your mouth and you guna suck it clean” said Joe. Sookie agreed and that’s exactly what happened next. After she had sucked the condom clean Joe shoved his cock in her pussy and fucked her in mish.

Joe pulled out and admired Sookie’s two holes some more. He DP’d her using fingers, slapped her bottom and licked out her arse and pussy. “You’re good at that” gasped Sookie. “I aim to please” replied Joe. “I wanna cum all over you face” he continued. She was well up for that. Sookie gave him some more OWO and a handjob, but at the last minute he took over. A guy wanking his own cock can be a lethal weapon and sure enough he squeezed hard so the first spurt flew way over her head. Luckily there was more to follow, so he did end up splattering her face. It looked just like a painter’s radio. Good ending to a dirty anal session. She smiled at him with her cum covered face. Lovely.

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