Sophie of Birmingham

Date: Wednesday 1 December 2004
Time Spent: 2 hours.
Place: Outcall to my hotel.
Price: £250.
Description: Slim 20-year old girl-next-door with blue eyes, shoulder-length straight brown hair, fit body. Pierced tongue.

I first came across Sophie when I visited a massage parlour in November, but she was inbetween jobs when I invited her to my hotel for a couple of hours. In 2005 she now works in two locations in the West Midlands. In this business it's sometimes hard to keep track of girls!

We started off the session having a chat about parlours and Sophie provided some fascinating insights into this side of the punting world. She then proceeded to give me the full massage parlour experience. I got naked and lay face down on the bed. Sophie stripped down to her underwear - a nice white basque and matching panties. She'd brought along her massage oil bottle with special spray dispenser and started by squirting baby oil all down my back. We talked while she gave me a gentle rub-down. Sophie does a good job of paying particular attention to the bum and balls area, gently teasing them with her hands.

She told me to turn over and then asked if I wanted her to remove her basque. Yes I said, so she slowly undid the hooks at the back and whipped it off to unveil a nice set of smallish breasts with prominent nipples. This time Sophie sprayed my cock with baby oil and immediately started wanking it. She also rubbed my thighs a bit, but basically she now concentrated on my cock. Soon she was licking up and down the shaft with her pierced tongue - a nice sensation. All this attention certainly made my prick rock hard. Sophie gave me some nice OWO, sucking hard on the head while her hand gave the shaft plenty of stimulation. I couldn't take this for too long so I suggested we get on to the fucking. Sophie said doggy-style was her favourite position so we decided to do that.

She wiped off the remains of the oil and on went a condom (latex is deteriorated by oil - for safety never mix the two!). She removed her white knickers and knelt on all fours on the bed. Sophie guided my cock into her pussy and that first moment of entry was delightfully tight. I started to pump away gradually building momentum; Sophie is a good fuck. While I was admiring her nice neat arse, she reached round and started to stroke my balls. Brilliant! Next minute she was telling me to fuck her harder. This girl is great!

I wanted to move over to mish and Sophie agreed. I offered her a pillow, but she lay back on the bed and said "I'm alright just fuck me baby". Nice! While I thrust in and out Sophie played with her clit and tits. We shagged away like this for a while, then I put my arms under her legs and lifted her up slightly so I could penetrate her more deeply. Boy did her pussy feel good. Meanwhile Sophie was pinching her nipples tight and frigging herself. Soon I took over attending to her pink nipples. Sophie loves to have them squeezed hard while being fucked.

By this point I was starting to get tired, so I suggested to Sophie that we try spoons so I could lie down and take it a bit easier. As before she readily agreed. This position allowed easier access to Sophie's breasts and once again she implored me to squeeze her nipples hard. I duly obliged the lady. Meanwhile she continued to stimulate her clit. This girl loves sex. "See if you can make me cum" she said while telling me to fuck her harder. Soon she seemed to cum, although it was quieter than I expected. Afterwards she told me "I want you to cum in my mouth". I didn't need asking twice.

Off came the rubber and I lay back comfortably on the bed. Sophie started off by spraying my cock with some more baby oil. Then she wanked it. Soon she was teasing it with her pierced tongue and then sucking on the knob. She straddled one of my legs and teasingly licked my cock some more. Then it was on to some more of her lovely OWO and a vigorous hand-job. It was while she was doing the latter that I realised I was really going to cum. I let Sophie know and she immediately covered the end of my cock with her mouth and carried on pumping it. I had a massive orgasm and came hard right inside her mouth. As I kept cumming Sophie let the spunk dribble out the side of her mouth and fall back over my dick. Although she permits CIM, she spits, not swallows. In any case a lovely finish to a great punt; Sophie is a great little performer.

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Sophie of Birmingham