Tallulah of Wolverhampton

Date: Tuesday 28 April 2015
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Incall .
Price: £120
Description: Filthy, fun, curvaceous blonde who simply loves sex!

“Well I thought I would get myself in the mood” said Tallulah as John took a seat in her office. “I can see that” he replied while watching her masturbate with a toy. “I’ve got a bit of an addiction to wanking off” confessed Tallulah. “Blokes are just the same” replied John. This was certainly a different start to a punt, but more the interesting for it.

“I’m very flexible” said Tallulah as she proceeded to bend over in front of John revealing her bottom. She continued to use a toy on her pussy. Tallulah suggested John grab some oil and use it on her arse. He duly obliged, rubbing it in as he went. Tallulah removed her knickers and John continued with the oily massage.

“You OK with anal play?” asked John. She sure was. In fact she had something for her arse – bum jewellery. She grabbed it from the table and slowly inserted it into her back passage. “Looks pretty” said Tallulah. John agreed it did as he continued to play. “Nice tight pussy” he noted as he fingered her. “How many fingers can you take?” asked John. “How many is that?” said Tallulah. “Two” replied John. “I can do another one” she replied. John did more than that! Awesome!

Tallulah suggested John should get his cock out and seat himself in “the wanking throne.” He did just that and received some fantastic OWO. “Oh that’s nice” he noted as Tallulah got to work. She also paid good attention to his balls. You can tell this lady loves sex! John asked Tallulah to remove her top and a tit job quickly ensued. What more could a punter ask for? Afterwards she continued with the blowjob. “Brilliant” noted John.

“I want you to fuck me” said Tallulah. John was not used to such forwardness but was happy to oblige. Tallulah sorted out a condom and placed cushions on the floor so they would be more comfortable. “How shall we start then?” asked John. “I like it from behind” noted Tallulah assuming the position. John was cool with this and got behind her. He pushed his cock home and slammed into her. “That feels nice” noted Tallulah. She kept up some dirty talk as he fucked her.

John suggested a change of position to missionary. Tallulah was happy to oblige. “It’s so fucking nice” she said as John pounded away. “Keep banging that hole” she told him. He did just that. “If you want to put your cock up my arse I am guna have to loosen it up a bit” noted Tallulah. “OK” said John pulling out. He made himself comfortable on the floor and Tallulah sucked his cock while loosening up her arse with a toy.

Once he was hard and a new condom was on they attempted anal sex. In doggy it was not really working out so Tallulah went on her side. With some lube as well this that worked much better and John was soon balls deep in her arse. From the sounds Tallulah made she seemed to be loving it much to John’s delight. Nothing like a bit of anal sex to brighten a punter’s day.

“I’m gunna wana it in my mouth again after that” Tallulah said. “What condom off?” asked John not thinking she would want to do arse to mouth (ATM). But much to John’s surprise Tallulah did and proceeded to suck his knob as soon as he had removed it from her bum. John was speechless. How dirty is this lady? “Oh that’s naughty…but very, very nice” noted John.

John suggested he lay on the floor next. Tallulah played with his cock before squatting on it – putting it up her arse. She bounced up and down with enthusiasm enjoying a good bum fuck. John could not believe his luck. When she lifted off he asked her where he should cum. “Straight in my face” replied Tallulah. Awesome! They re-positioned themselves and Tallulah wanked him off. It did not take long for John to shoot his load. “You are so filthy” exclaimed Tallulah. “Talk about the pot calling the kettle black” replied John as he wandered off to get freshened up. Great punt from a fun, filthy lady who simply loves sex.

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