Taylah of Liverpool

Date: Thursday 11 December 2014
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Incall .
Price: £150
Description: Gorgeous 27yo blonde Posh Scouser with hot body.

John found Taylah’s incall place with ease. There is plenty of free parking right outside. John was shown through to the bedroom and sat on the sofa. Taylah perched beside him and they chatted. John was keen to know if Taylah was a proper Scouser. She confirmed she was and a posh one at that from Allerton in South Liverpool.

Taylah was working in massage parlours before she went independent, so some punters may have seen her. She has worked at Sandy’s Superstars, Brooklyn’s in Crewe, Sheridan’s in Salford, Ladybirds and Karma Sutras Girls in Didsbury. Taylah told an interesting story about John who owns Sheridan’s. Check out the video in the Members area to hear about this!

“How do you normally start?” asked John. “Shall we get on the bed?” replied Taylah. Sounded like a good idea to John and they did just that. Kneeling up on the bed, still fully clothed, John asked Taylah her bust size. “34C” replied Taylah and they are natural unlike many Scouse girls. They kissed and Taylah started removing John’s clothes. She soon had him naked. Taylah applied some flavoured lube to his cock before giving him OWO. “Does that feel good?” asked Taylah. John was speechless!

“Let’s see more of you” requested John. Taylah removed her dress. She was not wearing any panties, only a bra, which she quickly removed. John snogged her some more before paying attention to her tits. Afterwards Taylah asked John where he wanted her. John decided on some more oral and lay down to enjoy the experience. Taylah quickly got to work gagging on his hard cock. She paid attention to his balls as well. You can tell she is an experienced escort.

John suggested 69 so they switched to that. “Wow” said John as he parted her lips and got to work with his tongue. Meanwhile at the other end Taylah continued gagging on his cock. John asked if it was OK to use fingers on her pussy and bottom. Taylah readily agreed much to John’s delight and he set to work in earnest. Taylah does allow anal, although she had warned John that it was probably not going to happen today as she was feeling tender in that area.

John let Taylah know he was ready for a condom and she quickly bagged him using her mouth to help apply it. While John was still chatting she mounted him. Taylah was soon bouncing up and down with enthusiasm. “Nice and tight” noted John. Taylah suggested John get on top of her so they switched to mish. “Oh yea” gasped Taylah as John entered her pussy again and pumped away. “Is that good?” she asked. “Very good” replied John, “If I win the lottery I will take you out” he continued. “Deal” said Taylah.

When John tired he made himself comfortable on the bed next to Taylah. They kissed some more and she played with his cock. He was soon ready for some more action and suggested spoons. Taylah turned away from him and pointed her cute arse in his direction. John slowly inserted his hard cock back up her pussy. He felt her tits as they fucked.

John suggested changing to doggy. Taylah agreed and assumed the position on the end of the bed. “Oh look at that bottom” said John admiringly. He kissed it a few times and licked her pussy before re-inserting his hard dick. “Oh that’s good” gasped John. From the appreciative noises Taylah was making it sounded like she was enjoying it as well.

“Where would you like to cum?” asked Taylah. “Where will you let me?” replied John. “Wherever you want” said Taylah. John chose her face. He pulled out and knelt up beside her. She wanked his cock hard. John soon erupted splattering her mouth and cheek with his white hot cum.

Great ending to a perfect punt. If you like Scouser girls you can’t go wrong with Taylah. Highly recommended.

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