Tegan of Crewe

Date: Thursday 8 December 2005
Time Spent: 30 minutes
Place: Alicia’s Massage & Sauna, Edleston Road, Crewe
Price: £40 + £20 for extras = £60
Description: Slim 19-year old, short black hair with blonde fringe, blue eyes, small tits, smooth skin, tattoos.

I was passing by Crewe on the M6 and decided to stop for a parlour punt. Went into the Penthouse first, but one of the ladies was busy and I didn’t fancy the other. Alicia’s is only a few doors down so I stopped in there to see what was on offer. The maid let me in to the small reception room and pointed to photos on the wall as she named the 3 girls working that day - Ashley, Jas and Tegan. I asked the girls’ ages and decided to select Tegan. The maid took my £40, which is the inclusive price for half an hour, then led me through the lounge and up the stairs. On the way she asked if I’d like a shower, collecting a fresh towel on the main landing before showing me into the front bedroom, where there was a nice four-poster bed. I undressed, took a quick shower and returned to the room with my towel still wrapped around me.

Tegan entered to greet me dressed in a red pvc bikini with long black thigh boots. Oh no, I thought, I’ve picked the wrong woman, she’s going to be one of those aggressive doms who’ll try and humiliate me. But she walked up to me, introduced herself, gave me a nice little kiss and said “Would you like to take your towel off and lie on the bed”. Phew…I had made a good choice after all. I was offered oil or talc for my massage, and chose oil. Tegan went over to the lotions and potions on the table in the corner, poured some oil over hands, rubbing it in as she came over to the bed, knelt beside me and started gently massaging my back. She straddled me and sat on my bottom as she continued with the massage. We chatted while she rubbed away and I discovered Tegan works Wednesdays, Thursdays and alternate Saturdays, and Alicia’s opens from 11am – 8:30pm. It wasn’t long before Tegan asked me “Do you usually have extras?” When I replied yes she told me sex and covered oral were included with the £40 I had already paid the maid, as were reverse oral and kissing. The extras were OWO £10, OWO to completion £20, A Levels £40. I opted for oral without to completion and requested we also try anal, if she could manage it with me. Tegan got off me and asked me to turn over as she knelt on the bed beside me. She undid and removed her red bra to reveal a pair of petite, but nicely formed titties. She grabbed my cock and started sucking on it. Immediately I felt her pierced tongue – nice. Her OWO was quite slow and gentle at first and she would often pause to flick her tongue across the end of my cock which was soon hard with all the attention. But soon she was giving short powerful bursts of sucking which really felt oh so good. The variety of her technique was what made it such a good Blow Job. At times she would also lick along the shaft using her piercing to good effect. I told her I liked it hard on the end and she duly obliged.

I checked Tegan had really said reverse oral was included in the price and she asked if I’d like a bit of that. I suggested we did sixty-nine. Now Tegan removed her red pvc g-string by untying the strings at the side. She kept her boots on and climbed over to straddle my face. Her pussy was totally shaved and smooth. As I started to lick and play with it she carried on giving me head. After a while Tegan proposed putting a condom on and I readily agreed. She stood up and grabbed a packet from the table, tore it open with her teeth and returned to the bed with a condom and some lube. The rubber was on in seconds – one good thing about parlour girls is they can deftly bag you fast without losing the erection – and she immediately sucked my cock afterwards as well to ensure it remained hard. Then we discussed positions. Tegan asked if I’d like to go behind her, but I said I’d prefer it if we started with her on top. On went the lube, and she sat astride me, inserting my cock into her tight pussy. Wow she felt good. Soon she was bouncing up and down with vigour, giving me a good seeing-to. As I asked her to kiss me she slowed down the pace to do this, but once we’d finished kissing she was back on it.

Tegan suggested we change position by asking if I wanted to go behind her now. I was ready for that so she knelt on all fours in front of me. With her cute arse, neatly framed by her black boots she looked so sexy. But in this position I also had full view of her large back tattoos, and I do think she would look prettier without them. Why do girls need to ‘scribble’ on their beautiful bodies? It’s like graffiti on a work of art. Anyhow, I entered her again – no denying it did feel good in there. As I pumped away she made nice little groaning noises. I like a girl who appreciates being fucked. As I increased the pace the four-poster bed started to creak a bit. At one point Tegan reached back and felt my balls as I fucked her – a nice touch.

Tegan asked if I wanted her to turn around so I got her to sit on the edge of the bed and we fucked that way. During the changeover she applied more lube and then we were back at it. This time I had the delight of looking at her full frontal as I shagged her, and holding on to those long black boots. I got her to play with her clit as I fucked her and she certainly seemed to enjoy that. Soon the bed was creaking away again. We could move Tegan’s legs around in this position, so one minute they were wide open, the next they were up round my neck. It was all good fun, and it only stopped when I asked if we could try the A Levels now. We discussed the best position for this and she said if we returned to doggy first, then I could try putting it up her arse. Once more she got on all fours and I pumped away from behind checking out her smooth bottom as I did so. It actually felt so good in her pussy I continued for a while, enjoying the sensation. Her arsehole looked rather small, but I thought we should try, so I checked she was ready for the attempt. “Yeah we can give it a go,” she said, so I took my cock out of her pussy and started to push it into her arse. My dick started to bend as I applied the pressure and Tegan grabbed it and held it in the right spot. I pushed some more, but felt her back off. She said it was a bit too big so perhaps we should just fuck in another position instead. I wanted to lie down again and she said she would ride me in reverse this time. On went extra lube and she climbed aboard once more. She squat-fucked me at first, which is always a delight to see. It feels great but you never know how long a girl can keep it up for – it must kill her knees! I was impressed with Tegan’s stamina, but after a while she leant back on me and we fucked with her body closer to mine.

By this stage, time was marching on and we had actually been shagging for a good while, so we progressed on to the CIM. Tegan suggested we do this with me standing at the foot of the bed and her kneeling in front of me. She grabbed some tissues before assuming the position, because she spits rather than swallows. She proceeded to give some more wonderful OWO and then a swift hand job which soon had me squirting my juice right into her mouth. She continued sucking my cock as I came and I had to ask her to show me the cum. She opened her mouth and spat it out so it dripped down her chin. Lovely! She gave me some tissues to clean up with, but I asked her if I could take another quick shower and she said that was no problem. When I returned to the room, we sorted out the extras (£20 for OWO, no charge for anal) and then we chatted as I got dressed and she tidied up. After that she showed me downstairs and asked if I wanted to leave by the front entrance or the back for discretion. She kissed me on the cheek as I left. At £40 basic for half an hour (and £35 on weekends!), it’s hard to beat these Crewe parlours for value.

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Tegan of Crewe