Pornstar Escort Teoni of Derby

pornstar escort Date: Wednesday 26 September 2007
Time Spent: 1 hour.
Place: Outcall.
Price: £250
Description: 24-year-old petite Pornstar escort with long black and natural boobs.

In Nottingham for a few days, John decided to book some time with an escort from Derby called Teoni who also happens to be a porn star. Unlike many escorts she does not charge extras for different services. If it’s on her “enjoys” list she will provide the service for the hourly fee you pay. So anal, for example, is included in the price.

When Teoni arrived John sorted out drinks and the money then they sat chatting on the sofa. During the course of this we learnt that Teoni had recently visited the USA to escort. It seems the hobby is different in America. There she was charging £1,000 an hour and had to sign a confidentiality agreement as she was seeing famous clients. Apparently Teoni was very popular as they loved her English accent and natural boobs! We also learnt how she first got into porn. After a year in the UK industry she went to the USA and worked for Vivid who wanted her to be a contract girl.Perfect for those of us who enjoy Pornstar Escort encounters.

After finishing their chat Teoni put down her drink and they started off by snogging. They felt each other’s bodies through their clothes then Teoni got John to sit back and relax while she undid his shirt and trousers. Gently she felt his hardening cock through his boxers, then pulled these down and started giving him OWO. Her technique was slow and sensual. She asked John “Would you like me to go all the way down?” He replied “Go on then” and she proceeded to swallow the whole of his cock right up to the base. The fact she deep-throated John without gagging was very impressive. “That’s a good trick” he said. Teoni went back to her work licking the head of his knob, sucking the end, then wanking him hard as she took a breather. Excellent stuff.

“Would you like to play with me a bit?” Teoni asked. John dived in feeling her natural breasts through her clothes. “Nice set of boobies” he noted. Soon he had her top off and eased one of her tits out to gently suck and lick the nipple. After the breast play Teoni suggested she give John a sexy strip tease and stood up in front of him. She danced topless in front of him showing her tits off then thrusting her bottom towards him. Slowly she removed her skirt to reveal a lovely shaped arse. The lingerie came off next and we could see she had a neat, shaved pussy. Teoni walked over to John and said “Shall we go to the bedroom?” He replied “That would be nice,” but he had to remove the rest of his clothes before moving as he was still sitting there with his trousers round his ankles.

Once in the bedroom Teoni lay on the bed and made herself comfortable, opening her legs for John. He went down on her, licking her clit, then gently stroking her pussy lips. Soon he was inserting a finger up her tight hole. He licked her some more at the same time telling Teoni she tasted good. “Oh it feels great” she sighed.

To prepare him for penetration Teoni gave John another blow job. She bagged his cock and then climbed on top. John played with Teoni’s tits as she rode him. After fucking him for a while Teoni hopped off and suggested they try another position. As she was now laying back on the bed John simply got up and re-entered her in mish. As he inserted his cock back in her tight hole Teoni naturally started stroking her clit. You could tell she was starting to enjoy this sex. “Fuck me harder” she told John. He increased the tempo working hard now to satisfy her. After several minutes of vigorous fucking he pulled out and collapsed on the bed next to her for a breather.

They resumed fucking in spoons, John taking it slower now. “Oh that’s really hitting my G-spot” Teoni told him. John played with her clit to give her extra stimulation. At one point John slowed down and Teoni said “Don’t stop fucking me, don’t stop!” This girl definitely likes a good seeing to. “That’s it make me cum,” she continued. He played with her clit and carried on pumping and she soon came. John pulled out and said “Let me take you in doggy.” Teoni replied “Help me up, I just came, I feel dizzy.” Luckily she managed to assume the position fairly quickly and John eased his cock back into her pussy.

Now Teoni’s arse was in front of John and it wasn’t long before he popped the question “can we try anal.” Teoni replied “I’d love to” and grabbed some lube from her bag and prepared her back entrance. She inserted several fingers deep inside her bottom to open it up for John’s cock. When she said “I’m ready” John slowly inched his knob up her bum. Teoni told him to start off nice and slowly, before going really deep and fast. It was not long before they were increasing the tempo and John’s shaft was disappearing all the way up her bottom.

The arse fucking really did it for John and soon he was asking Teoni if he could pull out and cum over her face. She agreed and he knelt up beside her face for some more oral. Unfortunately this did not really work for him so Teoni switched to a hand job. He eventually helped her with this and dropped his load over the side of her face. She popped his cock back in her mouth and sucked the last drops out of him. Lovely!

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Pornstar Escort Teoni of Derby