Tiff of Yorkshire

Date: Friday 4 March 2011
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Incall
Price: £150
Description: Posh, naughty, bi-sexual 21 year old.

Tiff's incall place is easy to find with plenty of parking. John was shown in and offered a drink. He sorted out the money and then they chatted on the sofa. Tiff is originally from the South but came to Leeds for boarding school. She was expelled from school twice, both times for sexual adventures. Tiff started escorting at the age of 18 and is very bi – she has a girlfriend. Needless to say she has several other escorts she can work with, so threesomes or moresomes are definitely on offer. Interestingly she also offers a "splosh" service (naughty food fun).

As their conversation wound up Tiff suggested John take a shower. He readily agreed and she showed him where it was. As John exited the bathroom, he could see Tiff lying on the bed in stockings and suspenders, waiting for him. "Right….hello…" he nervously said wandering in with just a towel round his waist. Tiff jumped up from the bed, stepped out of her shoes and started snogging him. She soon removed his towel, letting it drop to the floor. "Lovely kisser" said John as Tiff dropped to her knees in front of him. She put his cock in her mouth, sucking hard. "Oh that's good," gasped John. Tiff undid her bra and her big natural tits tumbled out. John had a quick grope.

"Let's get you on the bed" declared Tiff. John made himself comfortable and Tiff jumped on top of him. He took the opportunity to feel her tits again and then they kissed some more. Tiff went down on him again. "Think I better get out of these wet clothes," said Tiff removing her suspender belt and knickers. She returned to the OWO and fingered herself at the same time – very naughty. "My pussy's wet for you" she told John. He decided to see for himself and started fingering her. "Are you going to let me ride your cock?" asked Tiff. "In a minute" replied John. He wanted to lick her pussy first. Tiff was soon moaning from the attentions of his tongue and when he combined that with fingering she really seemed to get into it. As he rose for a breather she said "You're a talented young man." Tiff gave him another blow job and he played with her pussy and went down on her some more.

"I think you might have to fuck me now" declared Tiff. As she sorted out the condom she asked John which way he wanted her. He left it up to her and Tiff said "Let's have you on your back first." She climbed on top of him and pushed his cock inside herself. "Ah…that's good," gasped John as she slowly moved up and down on it. Soon she was bouncing with enthusiasm giving him a good seeing to. From the noises Tiff was making she was enjoying it as well.

"You should take me from behind," suggested Tiff. They got up and re-arranged themselves on the edge of the bed. John pushed his cock into that tight pussy once again and banged away. Tiff encouraged John telling him to fuck her. When John tired he suggested Tiff sit on his face for a minute. At first he wanted to see her boobs so he made her site facing him. "Oh yea lick all the pussy juice out" encouraged Tiff. "Does it taste good?" she asked. "Very" replied John, using as few words as possible so he could carry on licking her.

Tiff hoped off and they switched to sixty-nine. It was not long before John was asking to fuck her in mish. On went another condom and they re-positioned themselves by the side of the bed again. As he entered her John took the opportunity to snog Tiff. He pumped away and felt her tits at the same time. They were quite a sight in this position wobbling around in front of him. When John tired again he suggested cumming over her face. John knelt up beside Tiff's face. She wanked and sucked him again. He had a cheeky feel of her pussy as she worked. His mind was soon diverted from that though as her skills made him cum all over her mouth. Some of it even landed in her hair. "Fuck that's good," declared John "ten out of ten." Tiff sorted out some baby wipes and John went to take a quick shower.

A fine session from a posh young lady who aims to please.

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Tiff of Yorkshire